How to Power Up Players in Madden NFL 22

In this guide we will cover how to power up your players in Madden NFL 22 so that you make the most out of your card pulls.

Madden Ultimate Team mode (MUT) returns in Madden NFL 22 and that means all new cards and all new teams! In this guide, we will cover how to power up your players in Madden NFL 22 so that you make the most out of your card pulls.

How to Power Up Players in Madden NFL 22

In Madden’s Ultimate Team (MUT), you can power up your players to get boosted ratings and stronger abilities. To Power Up your players, you need to be familiar with the concept of Training as well as the Power Cards.

Training in MUT

Training Items as well as the Training Points that you accumulate in the game can be used to power up various stats of your player. In addition to these Training Points, you also need a power-up card for the player you wish to upgrade in MUT.

If you have the power-up card for any player, it will be represented by a symbol on the card of that player. You do not have the option to upgrade on the core item, you need the power-up card to upgrade your character. With the power-up card, you will be able to use the Training points you have to upgrade your players.

With the power card for your preferred player in your possession, you can start to upgrade your character. Each step of power-up requires a different amount of Training, but most of the upgrades are not very expensive.

On some points, you will have the chance to upgrade the player with either Training Points or Training Items. This allows you to use the collectible player item to upgrade your player, instead of using Training Points.

For Tier 6 upgrade, you only have the choice to upgrade using an item. If you have the item card, you can easily upgrade your player, but if not, you have the option to search for it in auctions. For Tier 6 upgrade, you always need a Core elite Card for that player.

If in the future, you stop using any card that you had previously upgraded, you have the option to refund upgrades. This, however, only gives you half of the Training that you had initially spent on that upgrade, but it can still be put to good use.

Benefits of Powering Up

So, most of the players in MUT, at a basic level, have limited abilities. This can only be overcome by powering up your players.

As you upgrade your players, you will unlock slots for Superstar and X-Factor abilities, as well as Chemistries and Positions and even Front Art.

Once you have unlocked all the slots, you will want to equip different abilities on your player. You have a variety of abilities to choose from that you can select and mix up to make your player perfect. Keep in mind that you do need Training to equip these abilities.

Although Chemistries and Positions have their own slot, you can only equip the positions of the team that your player plays for. With a few exceptions, you only have a single choice to equip in your Chemistries and Positions slot.

Front Art is nothing too special. It allows you to either select the purple front of your Power up card, or the Red front of your Core Elite card. It is simply a cosmetic choice.

Best Players to Use Power-ups on in Madden NFL 22

Now we will look at some of the best players that you should invest in for your MUT.

Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney is a LE player. History shows that he gets a lot of upgrades such as Combine Warrior or Free Agency Cards. Even though Clowney is not very strong in the game right now, Clowney will be receiving various upgrades and will be very strong in the future.

Montez Sweat

Montez Sweat is the second-best option for your team. Sweat has a speed of 84, making him very fast overall.  With the fast speed at the start of the game, it’s very easy for Montez Sweat to get through the opposite team to score a goal.

Justin Reid

Justin Reid is an FS player. He has always been and still is one of the fastest safeties in the game, with a speed of 86, but is lacking in hit power.

Deion Jones

Deion Jones is the preferred choice as an MLB as his height is good. He has good stats all around. An alternative to Deion Jones can be Devin Bush.

Bobby Anderson

Probably the best choice to use the power-up card right now is the WR player Bobby Anderson. Bobby Anderson has a chance to get pretty amazing catches, and this is what makes it worth it to invest in him now. However, this investment is not a long-term investment.

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