How to Get Training Points in Madden NFL 21

In this guide, we’ll be showing you How to get Training Points in Madden NFL 21. Your roster of footballers...

In this guide, we’ll be showing you How to get Training Points in Madden NFL 21. Your roster of footballers can be further strengthened by using training points to enhance their overall performance on the playing field.

Madden NFL 21 Training Points

Training points are essential to leveling up your players and improving their rankings. A higher-ranked player will obviously have better stats and thus perform better on the field.

Below we have listed all the various methods in the game as of now to earn training points in Madden 21.

Superstar KO
Head into Superstar KO game-mode, and you’ll realize that initially, you need to perform a specific task in order to get a reward.

During the time of writing this article, the reward is KO NAT 85 OVR Lamar Jackson. A pretty good deal.

Depending on what you get, you can simply quick-sell it to get 500+ training points.

Every 2 weeks or so the reward will change, and you can keep selling the rewards to get some easy training points for yourself.

To sell your earned cards, head to Item Binder and you’ll see your new card. Quick-sell it to earn your well-deserved training points.

Merch Cards
Try buying the lowest valued cards you can find and flip them to earn more value out of them as time passes by. The more expensive card you buy, the more coins you get per training point.

You’ll get roughly 35 coins per training point for players with an overall of 81 and 82. Roughly, these cards can be bought for anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000.

This value can increase, however, but as you buy them, you’ll be able to earn yourself training points fast.

You can use your training points to buy play-books and list them on the auction house to get more money.

Simply rinse and repeat and you’ll be printing money in no time!

Play the Game!
Complete daily activities and play through the different game-modes of Madden NFL 21.

Not only will you be perfecting the new mechanics, but earning yourself a decent amount of currency in the process.

The game gives you an ample amount of rewards for simply playing through different sections every day.

Train up and show your friends your impressive moves with an upgraded roster and top-of-the-line plays!

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