Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide – How to Relocate Teams

This Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide will give you all the information on how you can change the location your Franchise and give you certain tips and tricks to maximize your team’s output using this method. Being successful in the Franchise mode is quite difficult in Madden 18.

Not only do you need to do well on the pitch, but you also need to manage the financial situation and the various nuances that occur during the course of the season. Franchise relocation is an interesting tool which is hidden in the game. Now you can do an ‘Oakland Raiders’ and move from your own city to Las Vegas, or wherever you want to. It is all up to you.

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Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide

This Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about relocating your favorite franchise in Madden NFL 18.

Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode – How to Relocate

Before you relocate, you need to make sure that you are playing the Franchise Mode as an Owner as this is the only way you will have access to your team’s entire database. Now go to the My Owner Section and then go to Stadium. From here you can select Relocate to begin the process.

It usually takes a couple of weeks to get to know if you are eligible to relocate to a new location. If you fail and you still want to relocate, then skip a few months and reapply once your stadium becomes more decrepit. The main reason for relocation is a team not being granted the funding for a new stadium and this is a factor in both Madden and real life. You can also just play with the team which has a terrible stadium so you can relocate.

Once you have begun the process, make sure you sim only one week at a time and regularly check the to do list to make sure you do not miss the opportunity to relocate, as it might be gone soon and then you will have to start the process all over again. Once you begin the process, all you need to do is to pick a city from a number of potential ones, pick a name and uniforms and start the next season with your rebranded franchise.

That is it for this Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide, let us know if we missed something in the comments below!

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