Madden 23 Drafting Guide

Madden NFL 23 comes with a Fantasy Draft system that allows you to build your dream team by choosing your...

Madden NFL 23 comes with a Fantasy Draft system that allows you to build your dream team by choosing your favorite players.

The way the Draft system works in Madden is that you have a pool of all the players participating in the NFL and you, together with 31 other teams, get to pick out the ones you like best to compose a unique team.

The following guide will point out some useful tips when drafting players in Madden NFL 23. That as well as pointing out the best players you can draft for each position.

Madden NFL 23 Drafting Tips

You can start the Fantasy Draft in Madden NFL 23 by creating a save file in the Franchise Mode. Once that’s done, select the “Franchise” option from the main menu and head over to the “Create New League Section”. Once the League is created you want to select the option to “Use Active Roster”.

Now, you need to select the pre-draft preferences, which you can do so by clicking the “Starting Point” option and then the “Fantasy Draft”, or else you’ll find yourself playing with a default roster.

All that’s left to do now is to select the “Start Playing” option and then the “Start Your Fantasy Draft” option to start drafting your roster.

Now, when you’re drafting, do remember that the picks alternate, meaning that if you get the last pick in the first round, then you’ll get the first pick in the next one, and so on.

Keeping this in mind you need to formulate a strategy to pick out the best players you can to make a perfect team. Here, you have one of two options, you can either choose old, more experienced players with an overall higher rating, or younger players who have a lot of room to improve.

The first step is to select a good Quarterback for your team. This will be crucial as the quarterback will prove to be the most crucial part of your team.

Just side by side the Quarterback is your line of defense. Choosing an equally good defensive player is just as important as a Quarterback. If you don’t get to pick a good quarterback, you should focus on your defense more to counter better ones.

Additionally, you can also use your picks to trade up for any top-tier players you can find.

Best Players To Draft For Each Position

Quarterbacks (QB)

Patrick Mahomes
Even with a stunning overall rating of 95, Patrick Mahomes still falls below Tom Brady (R-97) and Aaron Rogers. Though even with a relatively lower rating, Patrick gets the upper hand in becoming the most suitable player to choose especially earlier on because of his young age and a high potential for improvement.

Running Backs (RB)

Derrick Henry
This card flies off the shelves pretty quickly due to Derrick’s astounding rating of an overall 97 – top notch. Derrick has an absolutely amazing running game and can tire out the opponent’s defense with ease. I mean, who doesn’t want a 6’3” beast with a 93 trucking attribute and a 99 stiff arm rating?

Halfbacks (HB)

Christian McCaffrey
Though only 5’11, young Christian McCaffrey has an overall rating of 96, which is a fairly top-notch rating considering the expertise he has in this field. Per game, this guy can handle 15-20 carries and has still yet a lot of room to improve because he’s only 26.

Cornerbacks (CB)

Jalen Ramsey
With an overall rating of 98, Jalen Ramsey is probably the best Cornerback there is, not only in Madden but in real life as well. This beast of a player ranks at the top in terms of major coverage categories with zone coverage of 99 and a man coverage of 98. If you’ve got him on your team, you can rest easy knowing that he’s got his side of the field locked up.

Wide Receivers (WR)

Davante Adams
This guy is the absolute GOAT when it comes to playing as a receiver, you can call him the Michael Jordan of Receivers. With the highest rating you can get – 99, no one in the game ranks Davante Adams as a receiver.

Madden NFL 23 has a total of 4 players with a 99 rating, and Davante Adams is one of them. With an overall 99 rating in awareness, catch, catch in traffic, and special catch, no one can replace Davante Adams as a Receiver.

Tight Ends (TE)

Travis Kelce
With an overall rating of 98, just one point below the top rating in the game, Travis Kelce can prove to be the best at what he does when you want a quick and easy first down.

Defensive Tackle (DT)

Aaron Donald
Aaron Donald is considered the best player in real-life NFL, and Madden reflects that with a 99 overall rating for him. Not only with a rating of 99 in strength, he’s also a 99 in power moves, play recognition, and much more, allowing him to act as your team’s greatest line of defense.

Offensive Lineman

Trent Williams
Trent Williams is one of the four best players you can get in the game with an overall rating of 99. Though he is 34 and a bit too old to be playing ball, Trent’s got above 92 overall rating in every category of blocks, making him the best player to play at the O-Line.

Free Safety (FS)

Rodney McLeod Jr.
Though with only a 77 overall rating, Rodney can be bought for a very reasonable price, and honestly, with that, you have one of the best defenders in your arsenal. With a phenomenal physique, Rodney can dominate on the defensive side with ease.

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