Best Way To Get Coins In Madden 23

Coins are the main currency type in Madden NFL 23. You need coins to buy players to build your fantasy...

Coins are the main currency type in Madden NFL 23. You need coins to buy players to build your fantasy team. Take note that you cannot purchase coins with real-world money. You can only earn coins through progression.

The following guide will point out all the ways in which you can get coins in Madden 23.

How To Farm Coins In Madden 23

Daily Login Bonus

Madden 23 rewards you with an everyday login bonus. This means that you can get free rewards by simply logging into the game every day.

These rewards include coins as well as other freebies. Even if you are not in the mood of playing, make sure to get your daily login bonus to collect as many coins as possible.

Complete Objectives and Challenges

There are plenty of challenges and objectives in Madden 23 that you can complete and get rewards for. These solo missions reward you with coins for completing them and the amount of coins you get depends on the difficulty level of the challenges, so the harder a challenge is the more coins you will get as a reward.

The Selling Strategy

There are always going to be items and players in your inventory that are of little use to you. Instead of letting them eat dust, it is recommended to just sell them. Now there are two ways to sell the cards, either through auction or quick-selling.

Quick selling allows you to instantly sell the cards for a cheaper price, but this means you don’t have to wait and the cards will sell right away and in the auction, you can sell the cards for a high price. Selling the cards in exchange for coins is a good deal but you need to know which cards to sell at the auction and which cards to quick-sell.

Anything below a 70 rating won’t sell well on the auction so it is better to quick-sell those cards. Anything above 70 ratings can be sold at the auction for a decent price.

Also, there are some cards that have BND written on them which means that these cards are bound to you and cannot be transferred or sold. Hence, quick-sell these cards as well.

Other than that all the remaining cards (rating 70 or above) which you do not need in your team can be sold at the auction in exchange for a good amount of coins.

Investing Strategy

Sometimes if you’re lucky you might come across a good card that is being sold in the auction for a low price. When you come across such a card, don’t think twice and buy it right away.

The auction market in Madden 23 works similarly to the real stock market. Hence, you will always find an opportunity as long as you keep monitoring what other people are putting up for sale.

Buying a good card at a low price means that you can also sell it later on for profits.

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