Best Challenges to Do in Madden 23

Challenges in Madden NFL 23 are the best source to farm XP and coins so allow us to guide you to which challenges you should do first.

Challenges in Madden NFL 23 are an ideal source of earning some decent amount of XP and coins. Surprisingly, they are not too hard as well to pull off. But you need to consider which challenges to go for at first so that you do not waste your time. We are going to tell you all about challenges in this guide.

Best Challenges to Do in Madden 23

So we are going to tell you which challenges to do first and enlist all of them in descending order. First of all, go to the challenges menu in Madden NFL 23. You will see a bunch of different challenges like team captain’s challenges, ultimate team challenges, early access challenges and headliner challenges.

Ultimate Team Challenges

We recommend going through ultimate team challenges at first because they are extremely straightforward to pull off. You just need to score 4 stars in each of them which is pretty easy. There are 10 challenges that you can do and all of them would reward you with 23K coins. Some of them are given below:

  • Score a touchdown this drive: scoring a passing touchdown and rush for 5 or above yards is the objective.
  • Don’t allow a passing touchdown: resist the opponent for more than 23 yards.
  • Gain 23 yards in a drive: you have to rush for 10 or more yards among five players.
  • Gain 23+ passing yards in 6 plays or less: you should do this in 4 plays then finish a pass in two plays.

Team Captains Challenges

Now we recommend doing Team Captains challenges on second. They not only provide you XP and coins but also a team captain. There are total of 4 challenges in this category and these are easy too. You will get 200 coins and XP for each challenge you pull off. The details are given below:

Keyshawn Johnson Challenge
You need to make a pass for at least 50 yards in the first quarter and for a bonus, you need to score a passing touchdown.

Larry Csonka Challenge
You need to score a TD (rushing) and for a bonus, you need to rush for at least 30 yards in the first quarter.

Sam Adams Challenge
Down a player at least in the first quarter and for a bonus, you need to not allow 40+ yards this drive.

Eric Allen Challenge
You should resist and not allow any player more than 30 yards in the first quarter. And for a bonus, make an interception between a pass.

Early Access Challenges

Third, we recommend doing Early Access challenges because they are too simple and will give you clean coins right away. You can earn up to 25K coins max out of these challenges. So it’s better to carry out these on the third number so you would have earned a good chunk of coins before Headliners.


Headliners are the toughest challenges in Madden NFL 23 and require skills to pull off. We recommend doing them last because you would have made a good team before doing headliners and you would have earned enough coins. They are bit time-consuming but they are definitely worth the effort.

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