How To Get 99 Rating In Madden 23 Face Of The Franchise

Getting into the 99-rated club is a dream for every Madden fan and player alike. In Madden NFL 23, the...

Getting into the 99-rated club is a dream for every Madden fan and player alike. In Madden NFL 23, the Face of the Franchise mode will once again offer a long and grueling grind for players to get a maxed-out 99 rating.

The following guide will attempt to make that grind a bit easier by pointing out how to easily get a 99 rating in Madden 23.

How To Increase Overall Rating

The best way to Increase your overall rating in Madden 23 is by earning Skill Points which can be then further allocated to enhance your attributes.

When leveling up a skill or attribute, make sure to not focus on the order in which you level them up. Instead try to focus on the attributes that will improve your playstyle because even if you equally level up multiple skills, your overall rating will increase at the same rate as leveling up a skill individually.

Earn Skill Points

This is probably the primary method to increase rating in Madden 23. You earn a single Skill Point every time you level up but reaching specific milestones will get you up to three Skill Points.

To reach a solid 99 rating and get access to the 99 club, you’re required to max out your attributes and level up to the max. Therefore, focus on leveling up and though it may take a while to reach your desired rating, it’s still worth the wait!

Earn Rep

You can level up fast with the help of Experience Points (Rep). While there are several methods to acquiring Reps in Madden 23 Face of the Franchise mode, below we’ve selected the best one for you.

Complete Side Activities
Side Activities such as Training sessions are arguably the easiest way to earn Rep. With each training session completed, you get rewarded with medals with a certain number of Rep associated with them.

A Bronze Medal gives you 25 Rep, getting a Silver Medal will give you 50 Rep, and last but more certainly not least, the Gold Medal gives you a whopping 100 Rep reward.

The best part about it is that you can simulate the session to get a Bronze Medal or retry your training session each time you fail to achieve the Gold Medal until you get the desired result.

Complete Weakly and Seasonal Goals
There are three types of weekly goals: easy, medium, and hard. The number of Rep you get depends upon the difficulty of the event and the difficulty of the event depends upon what position you’re on.

Every position will give you a different weekly goal. For instance, if you’re a quarterback, you get passing yards in your weekly goals.

As for the seasonal goals, they’re the best way to get Rep. However, due to them being one of the lengthiest challenges, it will take a while to complete this goal.

But that doesn’t take away the fact that they will help you reach the 99 rating. Therefore, finish seasonal goals before your season ends.

Complete Challenges
As you start the play, you’ll receive certain challenges to complete that grant you exclusive Rep depending upon the difficulty of the event.

There are three difficulties in these challenges: on Easy you get 25 Rep, Medium rewards you with 50 Rep while Gold gives you 100 Rep in total.

The best way to initialize these challenges is when you change sides during the game as this will allow you to select what challenge to complete.

Do note that the time to complete these challenges expires once the teams have switched sides again. In case the game goes to overtime or the first half is completed, your challenge will simply go away. Therefore, you have limited time to complete them.

You’ll get up to four challenges to complete throughout the game excluding the first play and will grant you up to 1000 Rep per game, making this one of the best ways to farm Rep in the Face of the Franchise mode.

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