Luigi’s Mansion 3 Serpci Boss ‘Pharaoh Queen’ Guide

Learn how to take down the Pharaoh Queen boss in Luigi's Mansion 3 10th floor in order to grab the elevator button to proceed in the game

Serpci, the Pharaoh Sand Queen is the ghost boss of the 10th floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3. When you arrive at the 10th floor and explore the pyramid, she will escape her sarcophagus and send you down to the sandpit maze. You will have to make your way out of the pyramid (see our 10th floor guide) and then defeat the Sand Queen ghost to obtain the elevator button of the 11th floor!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Serpci Pharaoh Queen Boss

Once you escape the sandpit and come out of the pyramid, you will face of Serpci outside of the pyramid at Sandy Grass Hall. She will scare you from behind and then take the form of a giant Sandy head and will hide inside of it.

To get Serpci out of the sand head, use your Poltergust vacuum to suck the sand around the head. This will cause the sand head to fall all over the place. While you are using the vacuum, crown snakes will appear at the top of the head and try to attack you. If you are too close to the head, the snakes will position to perform a big attack.

To get rid of the snakes, use the vacuum attack when the heads of snake come close to the ground while attacking you. If the snakes hit the ground, they will be left stunned. Use stomp to destroy them which will leave health hearts behind.

Getting rid of the snakes will cause the head to submerge. Continue to use the vacuum to clear out more and more sand. Eventually, the sand head will be destroyed and Sand Queen will appear herself.

She will summon snake statues around her that will fire blasts at you. Use stomp to block off the snake attacks. Use the Strobulb and Poltergust to attack Sand Queen as she will be vulnerable in this state.

Then the second phase of the fight will begin. Serpci will take the sand head form again and summon huge sand hands that will attack you. You can block off these by using stomp.

These sand hands can turn into a giant ball of sand and hit the ground which will create a shockwave. Jump to avoid the Shockwave. Keep using your vacuum to suck the sand near the sand head until eventually, she comes out and then use the Strobulb and Poltergust until she is defeated.

Defeating the Sand Queen will gain you the elevator button to the 11th floor. Proceed to the elevator to move to the next floor.

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