Luigi’s Mansion 3 King Boo Boss Guide

In the climax of Luigi’s Mansion 3, we get to have a fight with King Boo on a rooftop. This boss fight will make use of all your experiences in the game in order to take him out. But not to worry as we have gathered info on how you can do that without breaking a sweat. This guide will help you emerge triumphant from this King Boo boss fight.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 King Boo Boss

The first thing that you need to do is to collect Gold Bones by using the Shopping Network. Three would do but in case you have extra money you can get the fourth one as well.

Now let’s talk about the attack you will be facing during this fight:

Lightning Strike: You will see this attack happening when there are purple squares all over the floor. You can save yourself from this attack by standing in an empty space.

Fire Balls: You will be spit on by King Boo with fire balls but you can avid them easily by dodging.

Tongue Slam: King Boo will swing his tongue across the stage after slamming it down thrice. You can avoid it by jumping.

AoE Slam: This attack can also be avoided by jumping when King Boo slams down on the area. That area will be indicated by a shadow and there will be a shockwave.

Spiked Bomb Ball: At the end King boo will throw down a purple ball down which will reveal bombs.

When you get through the first four attacks then King Boo will take out the bombs. You can pick up a bomb but you have to choose the one which is not flashing red and then you can throw that at King Boo when he opens his mouth which would be the best target for them. Tap A and he will go down. Then you will have to use Luigi and Gooigi in order to vacuum his tongue.

After that next phase will start and you will have the honor of fighting two King Boos and the fight will get a bit harder. The attacks would be the same with the difference between two tongues swiping across the stage. You will have to think through that which one is the real one and damage that King Boo.

Finding the Real King Boo
In order to damage King Boo we will have to figure out which one is the real one. You can do this using two methods. The first one is noticing when they slam down on the stage; you will see a shockwave being generated from the real one.

The other method to notice the real one is when they produce bombs. Bombs will only be produced by the spiked balls thrown by the real King Boo. The fake one will throw spiked balls full of spiders.

Fighting Three King Boos
Now you will have three King Boos to fight by to be honest it would have that big of an impact on your fight. The only thing that will increase is the number of bombs in the vicinity. This time you just have to outrun those as throwing them back will be a bit difficult.

You already know how to find the real King Boo so all you need to do is fire a bomb into the mouth of the real Boo and you will be done. There will also be a timer for this phase that wouldn’t be an issue as you will have enough time to do this easily.

Using Spiders for Health
Using the spiders for your advantage will be the best tip that you can get for this fight. You can flash the spiders thrown out by the fake King Boos and get health back in this way.

That is all you need to know in order to defeat King Boo. Visit our site for more guides and have fun taking Boo out

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