Lost Ark What Makes a Hero Hidden Story Guide

This guide covers the ‘What Makes a Hero’ Hidden Story in Lost Ark. We will be discussing the location of all 4 of the collectibles you need to obtain for this hidden story.

Lost Ark What Makes a Hero Hidden Story

The world of Lost Ark is sprawling with secrets, just waiting to be discovered by players. More than once, Lost Ark doesn’t shy away from not holding your hand and presenting secrets and mysteries for you to find. One example of such quests and secrets is the “What Makes a Hero” secret story in Lost Ark.

The quest starts, and you have to visit 4 locations while being on a timer. If that seems a little too troublesome for you, then you are in luck. We have prepared this guide to help you find the locations and complete this collectible story.

What Makes a Hero – Collectible 1

Location: Lakebar Village

Turn left from the Teleportation point in the village. You can find the item by the first fence post, right between the Gear merchant and Repairer shops. There will also be a tree with flowers/fruits on it to mark the location.

Lost Ark What Makes a Hero Hidden Story

What Makes a Hero – Collectible 2

Location: Medrick Catacombs Triport

Teleport to the point nearest to the red dot shown below. The collectible is in the same place as the teleport point is but on the opposite end of the hall.

Lost Ark What Makes a Hero Hidden Story

What Makes A Hero – Collectible 3

Location: South Village

To reach this collectible, you need to head straight from the teleportation point near the Grayhammer Mine to the mine itself.

Lost Ark What Makes a Hero Hidden Story

Then you need to turn South on the only other path available and take it straight until you reach a village. The collectible is at the map’s border and the village next to a cart.

What Makes A Hero – Collectible 4

Location: Battlebound Plains

This one is a bit of a trek from the teleportation point you jump to in the Battlebound Plains. But, first, you have to make your way through the Flamecliff Fortress and take the northern path out. The one that leads to the front outpost.

On your way, there will be a long narrow path. On the end of it, you will find a crescent-shaped stone. The collectible is on a bed of flowers beside it.

There you go, collect this fourth collectible, and you will have completed the Hidden Story, “What Makes a Hero.”

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