Lost Ark Wayward Wolf Quest Guide

In this Lost Ark Wayward Wolf Quest guide, we will be telling you about some key details for Wayward Wolf quest including its location and how to complete it. We will be explaining the whole procedure that you need to follow step by step, so let’s begin with the guide right away.

Lost Ark Wayward Wolf Quest Location

First, we will be guiding you to the location where you can accept the Wayward Wolf quest. You can accept this quest by going to Runaways Island. Here is the exact location marked on the map image below that you need to reach after getting into Runaways Island.

Lost Ark Wayward Wolf Quest Location

How to Complete the Wayward Wolf Quest

Once you reach the location, your objective is to talk to Knight Rembrant who is looking for Nova. Nova is a womanizer who has seduced some noblewoman and the villagers aren’t helping Rembrant find him; that’s where you come in. Accept the quest and set out on Runaways Island to find Nova.

Players need to make their way towards the eastern side of the map to find Nova and a few other women. Here is an image of a map showing the exact location of Nova.

The small red circle on the eastern side of the map shows the exact location of Nova. So, basically you need to move towards the east side of the location where you accepted the quest.

Lost Ark Wayward Wolf Nova Location

Talk to Nova who will tell you that Count France should spend more time with her wife than wasting it on him. Next, you need to head towards Noblewoman Renal. Talk to her where she will ask you about Nova that “Is he well?”. Two choices will be given to you for answering this question that are mentioned below.

  • He’s well
  • He’s surrounded by ladies

You need to select the option “He’s surrounded by ladies” to complete the quest. so, this is all you need to know about Wayward Wolf quest.

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