Where to Find Tooki Island in Lost Ark

In this Lost Ark guide, we’ll take a look into how to find Tooki Island, Spawn Locations, and tips and tricks to get to it quickly.

In this Lost Ark guide, we’ll take a look into how to find Tooki Island, spawn Locations, and tips and tricks to get to it quickly. So without further ado, let’s start!

Lost Ark Tooki Island Location

Finding Tooki Island in Lost Ark can confuse players if they’re used to getting to the exact location. However, it might not be as hard you think.

While Tooki Island does not have a permanent location, there are still ways to get to it. With some chat skills and socializing, you might get to the Island faster than you think.

Where to Find Tooki Island in Lost Arc

In Lost Ark, Tooki Island will spawn in at least four different locations on the map. Unfortunately, there are not any permanent locations that you can follow; however, you can look out for special events that act as an indicator before the Island spawns.

Wherever Tooki Island is supposed to spawn, there will be an enormous vortex in the sea. To put it simply, water spirling vigorously. Whenever you notice it happening, Tooki Island is going to unleash.

There are two ways you can get to the Island. First, you need some loyal and friendly players around you. Many players are on the lookout for this Island; if some of them notice the event occurring, they can notify the others about the location or even tag them to the place.

The second way is to go on the sail and look for the vortex yourself. Or chat with people of different areas and ask if they’ve witnessed a whirlpool. Regardless of how you become aware of the location, be there on time! You only have ten minutes onwards from when the events start, so if you miss, you’ll lose the opportunity to enter Tooki Island.

Tooki Island Event

Now that you’ve made it to Tooki Island, here’s what is happening inside. There are two quests you’ll have to complete.

Tooki Tooki Treasures

After 3 minutes of entering the Island, the coop quest will start. Tooki Tooki Treasures is a mission that requires you to search through the Island and collect all 100 treasures littered everywhere. Once you’re done with that, another quest will begin.

Invincible King Tooki

After completing Tooki Tooki Treasures, the Invincible King Tooki quest will start. You have to kill 101 Tookies on the Island that’ll spawn at three places. There’ll be a handful of 30-40 Tookies spawning at one place that’ll you need to kill.

Once the Tookies are dead, you’ll have to kill the Tooki King, who’ll spawn at the center of the Island. After killing him, you’ll be rewarded with Tooki Island Token.

There are chances Tooki King drops Tookicalibur, an item used to acquire the Tooki Corporation Island Token at the Tooki Corporation. So be on the lookout for that.

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