Lost Ark Tarsila Boss Guide

In Lost Ark, Tarsila is yet another field boss, and defeating her will earn you some valuable loot. In this...

In Lost Ark, Tarsila is yet another field boss, and defeating her will earn you some valuable loot. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the Lost Ark Tarsila boss fight and provide you with general fighting tips.

Where to Find Tarsila in Lost Ark

Tarsila is a giant spider field boss in Lost Ark. Tarsila Boss can be found in the Lake of Eternity region of Shushire. First off use an ocean liner and sail to the Shushire area. It is by far the most convenient way to get to the area. Afterward, use the Nest Hill Triport and head north to get to the Spider Queen’s Lair.

You must have an item level of at least 380 to participate in the raid and take Tarsila down; or else, any contributions you make will not count towards the raid. You can check your item level by going into your character profile.

Tarsila Boss Spawn Time

Tarsila Boss, like all other bosses in Lost Ark, has Spawn Time mechanics, which means it spawns at specific times based on the server you’re on.

Open the calendar from the top left corner of the UI. You can only do it if you are level 50 or higher. After that, choose a day that works for you and go to the field boss tab.

Enter the drop-down menu. The times when the field bosses spawn for that day will be displayed there.

Alternatively, you can simply go to the field boss location and a timer will appear, indicating how much time you have until Tarsila spawns. When the timer hits zero Tarsila will spawn.

How to Defeat Tarsila in Lost Ark

We’ve included some general fighting tips to help you defeat Tarsila with ease.

Tarsila has a certain combat style and typically uses the same technique to wipe out players. Tarsila will almost always attack directly in front of her with her claws.

To counter most of her fatal assaults, simply avoid standing in front of her, and you’ll do just fine. Tarsila, for instance, advances and slams her claws into the earth, launching a black projectile ahead. To avoid getting hit, simply move out of its course.

Tarsila slams her body into the ground, launching a crushing strike assault. A red circle emerges beneath her model, and you can use it to avoid the attack.

Tarsila charges in the direction of a random player as well. That random player might be you, so use the standard charge mechanism indicators to avoid Tarsila’s Charge Direction.

Tarsila also pounces in different regions, and the location of her pounce is indicated by a huge red circle. Tarsila will pounce on you if you stand in the circle, and this can be fatal. Hence avoid standing in that circle!

When Tarsila’s HP is low, she will use a charge or pounce attack to leave patches of icy fog that temporarily freeze players while deal moderate damage per second. Simply keep an eye out for these to avoid them.

Tarsila directs a cone of icy breath at distant players. The attack freezes players who are trapped in ice. If you don’t dodge it the first time, you’ll most likely die unless someone in your party shields you.

During the fight inside the Spider Queen’s Lair, rocks will fall from the cave of the roof, and if they land on your head, you will take unnecessary damage that could be fatal. To avoid being hit by falling rocks, simply avoid the red circles that appear throughout the cave.

Tarsila Loot Drops

Tarsila, like all the other field bosses, is renowned for the huge supply of loot you can obtain by defeating her. You can obtain honing equipment as well as engraving books to assist strengthen your character.

Here is a list of all the loot items you’ll receive after defeating Tarsila.

  • Tarsilla Giant Heart
  • Forbidden Elemental Earrings
  • Forbidden Elemental Ring
  • Forbidden Magick Earrings
  • Forbidden Magick Necklace
  • Forbidden Magick Ring
  • Bleed
  • Destruction Stone Fragment
  • Rare Battle Engraving Recipe
  • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe
  • Epic Ability Stone
  • Guardian Stone Fragment
  • Star’s Breath
  • Tarsila Collectible Card
  • XP Card
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