Lost Ark Snowpang Island Guide

Snowpang combines both the cruelty of winter and the harshness of a battleground in Lost Ark. The following Lost Ark...

Snowpang combines both the cruelty of winter and the harshness of a battleground in Lost Ark. The following Lost Ark Snowpang Island guide will help you learn all there is to know about Snowpang Island.

Where to Find Snowpang Island in Lost Ark?

Snowpang Island is located south of Shushire in the Waters of Procyon and northwest of Siren Seas.

This island, among other adventure islands, needs to spawn. You can check the spawn availability by going to your Procyon Compass. You can also check the alarm clock at the top left of the screen to know when the island will surface in the future.

Snowpang Island Mokoko Seed no 1

Just as you enter the Snowpang island, you will find the first mokoko seed at the southwest corner of the ledge.

Little Nuni’s Wish (Quest)

You need to head straight from the ledge where you started, and at the bottom of the stairs, there will be Nuni’s standing there. But, first, you need to accept the quest.

Nuni is a little snowball, and you need to help him become the Snowfolk.

To complete the quest, you need to examine little Nuni. Then talk to Mary, the snowfolk at the shelter. Next, have a snowball fight to get Merry Snowflake.

Next, finish off the opponents that have been turned into snowfolks. Finally, put the Merry Snowflake on Nuni to make him Snowfolk.

You will be rewarded 3000 Gold after completing the quest.

Snowpang Island Mokoko Seed no 2

From where you talked to Marry, the snowfolk, you need to head south, and at the end of the path in the corner, you will find your second Mokoko Seed.

Snowpang Island Snowball Fight Event

The main event on this island is Snowball Fight. You can pick the snowball by pressing “G.” You will be assigned a team, and your job is to finish the other team with snowballs.

Once a player gets hit with a snowball, he will become a snowman and die if he gets hit one more time.

When you die during the event, you will have five minutes to decide whether you want to Instant Resurrect yourself or you want to Base Resurrect yourself.

You have two snowball attacks.

Basic Snowball Attack
As the name suggests, this is just a normal snowball attack

Special Snowball Attack
You can buff your attack speed and your movement speed in this attack. In addition, you can throw a giant snowball that turns enemies instantly into the snowman.

A few times during the match, there will be a blizzard, and your screen will blink red from the top and bottom. When that happens, you need to stand inside the safe circles until the blizzard wears off.

After the fight, everybody that participated will get a fun Commemorative Pouch. Also, you will be rewarded 6000 silver if you are first and 3000 if you are second. In addition, you also get a High Sea Coin Chest.

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