Lost Ark Shangra Island Guide

Lost Ark has several islands that players will be exploring in time. The Shangra Island is one of them and...

Lost Ark has several islands that players will be exploring in time. The Shangra Island is one of them and might prove a bit difficult to find. The following Lost Ark Shangra Island guide contains all the information about Shangra Island, including its location and information on how to get the island token.

Where to Find Shangra Island in Lost Ark

Like most islands, Shangra Island also follows a timer, meaning that it will disappear once the timer has expired. Hence, the reason players looking for endgame content must know exactly when the island will surface.

The island can be located at three places for a certain period before sinking back into the ocean. You’ll firstly need a sturdy ship to sail to the island.

Secondly, considering its dangers, you’ll require a combat level of 50 and an item level of 250 to be able to complete the Shangra Island content.

You can see the exact time when the island will reappear by going to the alarms menu and clicking the blue symbol of the top-left of the menu. The three locations are southeast of North Vern, Annika in the Sea of Death, and northwest of North Vern.

How to Get the Shangra Island Token

You must farm around 5600 Firm peaches and trade them to buy a Thousand-year-old tree Bud.

You can farm the peaches by completing the main missions such as the Garden Path. In addition to continuous farming, you can also complete cooperative quests.

You must take this bud to a specified tree in the Golden Peach Orchard in order to obtain the Island token. Just keep in mind that these repeating missions will drop 2 at a time.

You must follow this guide to reach the Shangra island and be vigilant about the time when the island respawns above the sea.

You must be ready with ships to travel and the recommended level should be kept in mind to gain the maximum benefits.

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