How to Get Serenade Of Love in Lost Ark

This guide teaches you How to Get Serenade of Love in Lost Ark. We will also be discussing any prerequisites...

This guide teaches you How to Get Serenade of Love in Lost Ark. We will also be discussing any prerequisites you need to complete before you can acquire this Music Sheet.

What is the Serenade of Love?

The Serenade of Love is one of the songs you can learn in Lost Ark and is said to be a romantic serenade passed down among generations of bards of Arkesia. The song will help you increase your Rapport with some of the NPCs.

Before you embark on your journey to obtain this song, you need to first complete Ealyn’s Gift – The Finale of North Vern’s Questline.

After completing this quest, the queen will gift you with a very strong and sturdy ship that you will need to complete the third portion of your questline to obtain Serenade of Love.

How to Get Serenade Of Love in Lost Ark

The quest chain to obtain the serenade of love is part of a level 50 questline that starts off at the Island of Leibeheim. This is a heart-shaped island located in the Atusia Ocean between North Vern and West Luterra.

Players will be rewarded with “Serenade of Love” on the fourth part of this questline. The first part of the process is to go to Zenri – an NPC on the island of Leibeheim who will give us a quest by the name The Light of Love.

After completing the first part, we will move on to the next quest, ‘A Good Day to Love’. This quest will require the player to travel to ‘The Island of Aiwana’, located at the Southeast of Leibeheim.

Moving onto the third part – The Fatal Attraction. It starts after meeting with Handsome Ronald and speaking with several women who came to enjoy their vacation. After that, we have to travel to The Frozen Sea in Shushire.

Here we will converse with more experts on Zenri’s behalf. We will also be tasked with saving the villagers from several robbers. This will cause them to accept Relationship Guru, the fourth and final step towards obtaining The Serenade of Love.

Another NPC named Ladies’ Man Mark gives the Relationship Guru to us. To complete this part of the quest, we have to travel to Runaways Island in search of the great expert – Nova.

You will be required to talk to Nova and also write down his teachings. Then, finally, we have to send these teachings to Zenri in the form of a letter. If all of this is done correctly, we now only have to go back to Leibeheim and speak to Zenri.

This will conclude our quest for The Serenade of Love. At the end of the quest, the player will be rewarded with 29,000 silvers, 4 chests of materials, and most importantly, The Serenade of Love.

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