Lost Ark Proxima Boss Guide

Proxima is a well-known field boss in Lost Ark. Its encounter arrives at the end of the game, but some...

Proxima is a well-known field boss in Lost Ark. Its encounter arrives at the end of the game, but some players are finding it difficult to locate as well as beat it. The following guide will highlight everything there is to know about the Lost Ark Proxima boss.

How to Find and Defeat Proxima in Lost Ark

Head to the Vernese Forest zone in north Vern to find Proxima. To get there, you can utilize the Balankar Ranger Headquarters Triport and follow the tree trunk pathways.

Take note that each field boss shows up at predefined times and intervals. Every boss raid starts at the same time and repeats every two to three days.

To face the Proxima field boss, you must an item level of at least level 540. You will not earn any rewards if you have not yet attained the item level. Go to your Character’s profile page to check your item level before taking part in the raid.

Go to Vernese Forest once you’ve attained the appropriate item level and wait for the boss to come until the timer runs out.

You will want to make sure there are other players around to help you because Proxima has over 13 million health points. If no one is around, use the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the game screen to choose a crew to battle with.

Proxima has several phases where it regenerates health in each phase, making it overly challenging for a raid party that is just hanging on for dear life.

Proxima will restore one percent of its health every few seconds as the shield is up. Proxima will take substantially less damage during this period, so keep your hard-hitting spells and attacks for when they’re actually needed.


When you fight Proxima for the first time, you will receive a chest containing three pieces of epic gear, as well as completing the corresponding portion of the Adventurer’s Tome.

You’ll also get a random assortment of currencies, resources, and goods, as well as experience.

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