How to Farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark

In this guide, where we’ll be showing you all of the different ways you can farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark

If you’re looking for ways to get more Providence Stones, we’ve got you covered with this guide, where we’ll be showing you all of the different ways you can farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark.

What Are Providence Stones in Lost Ark?

Providence Stones are a form of currency you can obtain in Lost Ark, which can be used to buy Rapport items and free-to-play skins.

If you don’t know already, rapport items are gifts you can give to NPCs in Lost Ark to strengthen your relationship with them. As for the skins, it’s quite self-explanatory. They will make your character look cool.

To buy these items using Providence Stones, you’ll need to look for a Rapport Vendor, which can be found in every city in Lost Ark. These items will cost you a lot of Providence Stones, so you’ll need to know how to farm them if you want to purchase these items.

How to Farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark?

There are many different ways to farm Providence Stones. Below, we’ve listed the most efficient ways to farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark.

Complete Una’s Daily Tasks

Una’s Daily Tasks are easily the best way to farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark. Open up the Una Task menu by pressing Alt+J and search “Providence Stones” to find all of the tasks that reward you with them.

You’ll find many different tasks that have Providences Stones as rewards. Some of these tasks are quite difficult to complete, and a few of them can only be completed a couple of times.

Out of all of the daily tasks, the tasks that you need to do to get the most Providence Stones are:

  • Whale Watching
  • Meat the Challenge
  • Whispering Harmony
  • An Even Better Beer Snack

These tasks won’t be unlocked right off the bat. Instead, you’ll have to do some other tasks as pre-requisites for these tasks to become available.

For Whale Watching, you need to first travel to the Notos Island, which is to the north of Tortoyk, complete the “Whale Tale” task, and then the “Whalekeeper Reward” task.

Once those are done, the Whale Watching daily task will be unlocked. To complete this task, all you need to do is look at the whales using the telescope and then talk to Bellita.

For Meat the Challenge, you need to first travel to the Seaswept Woods in Tortoyk and do the “Taste Test” task. This will unlock the Meat the Challenge task.

To complete this task, travel to the Cashew Tree Forest in the Seaswept Woods and kill the monkeys to get their meat. Once you have 30, hand it over to Chitoto to complete the task.

For Whispering Harmony, you need to first travel to the Whispering Islet and complete the “Whispering Minuet” task, followed by the “Whispering Resonance” task. This will unlock the Whispering Harmony task.

To complete this task, go to Whispering Islet and play the Heavenly Harmony song for the animals and then talk to Yom, the Squirrel.

For An Even Better Beer Snack, you just need to be item level 802 to unlock it. This quest will take place on Gesbroy Island, so you’ll have to do a little traveling.

All you need to do for this quest is collect 5 picnic baskets from the island.

While trying to complete these quests to farm Providence Stones, make sure to make use of Bifrosts for quicker and easier travel.

Complete Dungeon Quests

Dungeon quests are another great way to farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark. The dungeons quests that give the most Providence Stones are listed below:

  • Ancient Elveria– Sigmund’s Whereabouts Quest
  • Frostpeak Temple – Wolves at the Sanctum Quest
  • Gorgon’s Nest – Qualifications to Enter Balankar
  • Maze of Mirrors – Blinding Fog
  • Night of Walpurgis – Repair the Magic Barrier
  • Phantom Palace – Elzowin’s Defender
  • Realm of Elementals – Fallen Flamekeeper
  • Vrad’s Hideout – Finding Vrad

Defeat Elite and Alpha Enemies

Elite and Alpha enemies are marked on the map as grey skulls. They’re covered in an orange hue, so they’re hard to miss. A single Elite/Alpha enemy drops around 3-5 Providence Stones.

So this isn’t a very quick way to farm stones, but you’ll encounter these enemies all the time, so you might as well kill them whenever you come across them.

Complete Side Quests

Lastly, make sure to complete as many side quests as possible if you want to farm Providence Stones. Open up your journal menu and see all the available side quests.

The best side quests to do are the “Sudden” quests. A red color indicates these quests. They have a high chance to reward you with Providence Stones.