Lost Ark Pets Guide

In this guide, we will tell you all the information you need to know about Pets including how to get them and how they work in Lost Ark.

In this guide, we will walk you through all the information you need to know about animal companions in Lost Ark. We will also tell you how to get pets, how they work, how to rename them and provide the list of pets available in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Pets

Pets are a common feature in MMORPGs, so it’s no surprise that they are making an appearance in Lost Ark as well. In Lost Ark, Pets are not only for aesthetic purposes but instead, they can be of use to you during your journey as well.

Pets in Lost Ark will automatically loot stuff for you, grant buffs and other helpful effects, and perform a variety of activities such as mailbox checks, item repair, and extra storage.

You may play the majority of the game on your own if you want, but that doesn’t imply you’ll be traveling alone. You only have to press Alt + P to open the pet inventory and summon your little friend. The companions in Lost Ark are priceless since their powers complement your MMO grind.

How to get Pets in Lost Ark

There are multiple ways to get pets. We have listed a few of them below:

  • Founder’s Packs
  • As a reward for completing a free in-game quest, Learning About Pets
  • Cash Shop

Founder’s Packs

Every Founder’s Pack has a Founder’s Exclusive Pet item. This means you may begin the game with a buddy of your choosing right away, rather than needing to wait until the first mission to get one.

If you open the Founder’s Exclusive Pet item, you will be able to select among the three cats colored black, brown, and white. Black one is named Nero; white one is named Lizabet and the brown one is named James.

Either of them will accompany you on your adventure and support you a little bit throughout the game by delivering subtle but useful utility!

After completing the Prologue, you will be able to purchase all of your Founder’s Pack items from the Store.

Learning About Pets Quest

After you’ve completed the main story mission named Demons in Prideholme, Learning About Pets quest will become available. It’s a simple task in which you have to communicate with several NPCs and learn about pets.

To start this quest, visit the Prideholme Tavern and chat with the Innkeeper. Talk with both Blueberry and Redberry at Prideholme and complete some simple tasks. After that, talk with Working Achatemeow, the pet management NPC. He will then offer you the White Bunny as a pet.

Cash shop

The majority of the pets have to be bought from the Cash Shop through Crystals and Royal Crystals. You can buy Saphia, Helgaia and Totoiki. More pets will undoubtedly be introduced to the in-game store as you go through the game.

Saphia is a fox-like creature and is available in six different colors. Helgaia is a bird and is available in four different colors. Totoiki costs 1300 Royal Crystals and is available in four different types.

How Pets work in Lost Ark

As mentioned earlier, pet companions can be of great use in Lost Ark. Although the basic abilities of companions are unlocked in Lost Ark but few of the functions are locked and can only be unlocked if you purchase the Crystalline Aura.

Open the Pet Menu and drag the icon from the list on the left to your quick slots, at the bottom if you want quick access.


One of the basic abilities of Pets is that they can auto-loot items for you. Picking up all of the treasure dropped by foes is a time-consuming task, thus all pets are set up to auto-loot stuff. They will pick up absolutely anything by default, regardless of kind or rarity.

For the most part, you’ll want your pet to pick up everything, however, it might be useful to have them bypass low-level objects if you’re looking for collectibles in early zones.

There is an option of loot filter as well and you can do this via Pet Inventory. You may adjust what they will loot by going to the Pet Menu and clicking on the gear icon next to Basic Stats.

You may choose where the pet will pick up currency, island resources, gears, and items, and so on. You may also change the tier, rank, and level of the things to suit your needs.

Crystalline Aura Functions

As mentioned earlier, some of Pets functionalities are locked and can only be unlocked if you have an active Crystalline Aura subscription.

Crystalline Aura is a monthly subscription that unlocks a variety of bonuses and can be purchased with crystals. Crystals can either be purchased through real money or can be earned through gameplay. Crystalline Aura also provides a variety of non-pet advantages that are more beneficial in the long run.

Pet Functions mostly enable remote access to characteristics often present in towns. Remote storage, market, mail, repair, and gem access are among them. The pet inventory will also provide you with some more inventory space.

Stronghold Missions

In Lost Ark, a companion is a necessary part of the crew of Stronghold missions. Each pet has the ability to survive certain hardships. If you take pets according to the mission type where their ability to survive hardships might come in handy, then you will get an adaptation bonus.

The adaption bonus % improves the possibility of receiving rarer prizes once the task is completed, so those few additional percentage points add up over time

Pet Effects

If you summon a pet, a passive bonus will be applied to your character and each pet has a different % of bonus. Pets can have two effects on them at the same time, which can be altered at Pet Management NPCs.

The first and second options have different pools of effects to choose from. You can freely switch between these effects based on the task at hand.

First Option Effects

List of effects that can be chosen as First Option:

  • Max HP +5%
  • Physical Defense +10%
  • Magic Defense +10%
  • Physical Damage Reduction +5%
  • Magic Damage Reduction +5%

Second Option Effects

List of effects that can be chosen as Second Option:

  • Crit +10%
  • Specialization +10%
  • Domination +10%
  • Swiftness +10%
  • Endurance +10%
  • Expertise +10%

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