Lost Ark Dalian and Rambutan Orchard Secret Location Guide

Lost Ark is filled with secret missions, areas, and puzzles to solve. This guide covers the Dalian and Rambutan Orchard Secret Location in Lost Ark. We’ll go over the location of these secret hidden areas and how to access them.

Lost Ark Dalian and Rambutan Orchard Secret Location

As players grind to reach the level 60 mark, they will come across many treasure maps and secrets that the game has in store. One such secret area in the game comes in the form of the Dalian Orchard. We won’t fault anyone for being confused with finding this location and its secrets. That is where our guide comes in.

How to Start the Dalian Secret Quest

A treasure map is generated inside your backpack. This treasure map gives you the quest, which leads you to talk to an NPC. You will be first tasked with finding a workbench in Flowering Orchard or the Rambutan Orchard and provided with Coney’s Orchard Warehouse Key.

Dalian Orchard Secret Location

Well, the key to the secret is that you actually need to find your way off of the map/minimap. So take a careful look below to find the exact place where you can step off the map.

Lost Ark Dalian and Rambutan Orchard Secret Location

Head here, and as the map ends at the curve, you will find a door. The only difference is that you can open this door, and voila, you’ll find yourself outside the confines of the regular map and inside this secret house.

To complete the quest, you need to use the workbench inside the house.

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