Lost Ark Metus Island Guide

There are plenty of Islands in Lost Ark that you can visit and complete quests to get rewards. In addition,...

There are plenty of Islands in Lost Ark that you can visit and complete quests to get rewards. In addition, some islands have tokens for you to collect and exchange with different items. This guide will go over the Metus Island in Lost Ark and guide you through its quests and Mokoko seed locations.

Where to Find Metus Island in Lost Ark?

The Metus Island is one of the creepiest islands of the game, with a very disturbing backstory. It is worth visiting the Island and completing the main quests of the Island. There are 2 Mokoko Seeds that you can collect from the Island.

Before you visit the Island, make sure you have at least 200 Courage to participate in the Island quest.

The Island is located in the Ashtrian Current sea, northeast of Rohendel, as you can see on the location marked on the map below.

How to Get the Metus Island Token

There are 3 quests for you to complete on the Island. These are:

  • What Did You See?
  • The Faces of Terror
  • Island Survivors

You can get the quests from the NPC character named Schweiz on the Island. ‘What Did You See?’ is the main quest that will give you The Metus Island Token as a reward for completing it.

The Dungeon will be covered in darkness, and you will only be able to see around you with the help of candles and lanterns. But the whole Dungeon is filled with deadly mobs that are attracted to light. So whenever you turn the flames on, you will get attacked by mobs.

We would suggest you go through the Dungeon without using either candles or a lantern and turn your brightness to a point where you can see around you. Also, you don’t need to stand around an objective for too long. Instead, go through the objectives as quickly as you can.

If you die at any point through the quest, you will have to go through the whole quest again. It might not be a difficult quest to complete, but it will take you time and effort to get it done.

Completing all of the quests will give you the following rewards:

  • The Metus Island Token
  • Werner’s Grand Manor Conqueror’s Chest
  • Emote: Fear
  • Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest x5
  • Epic Rapport Chest x3
  • Pirate Coin x9,000
  • Courage +3
  • Silver x55,000

Lost Ark Metus Island Mokoko Seeds Location

The Mokoko Seeds on Meetus Island are located outside the Dungeon. The first Mokoko Seed will be located just before the Captain’s Quarters. And the second Mokoko Seed will be resting towards the top of the map.

You can see the locations of both Mokoko Seeds down below:

This concludes our Lost Ark Metus Island Guide. You can check out more Lost Ark Islands guide on our website.