Where to Find Maneth in Lost Ark 

Lost Ark has lots of bosses located in the vast open world and in this guide, we will help you find Maneth, a level 50 world boss, in Lost Ark.

Where to Find Maneth in Lost Ark

Maneth is a huge knight wielding a War Mace. He is a level 50 World Boss and is found in Shushire continent. After being defeated, Maneth takes around 2 hours to respawn for other players.

Lost Ark Maneth Boss Location

Maneth is found in Icewing Heights in Shushire continent. The place is next to the dungeon entrance of the Maze of Mirrors. There’s also a waypoint right next to Maneth’s spawn.

Maneth should preferably be fought with in a group rather than soloing. The boss is quite the sponge with 14 million HP and 23 health bars. So, soloing him is a long task and its preferrable you speed up this fight by bringing your squad with you.

Maneth Boss Loot

Defeating the boss gives you the following Loot:

  • Corrupted Knight’s Earrings
  • Corrupted Knight’s Necklace
  • Corrupted Knight’s Ring
  • Forgotten Sanctuary Bow
  • A chest for Defeating Maneth
  • Forgotten Sanctuary Chestpiece
  • Clotted Blood of Rakathus

This equipment will depend on your character’s class, so you will need to farm him if you need some other item for another class of yours. These are additional to the Adventurer’s Tome rewards, XP and the regular rewards.

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