How to Use Key of Balance to Access Gate of Harmony in Lost Ark

One of the areas in Lost Ark which houses many co-op missions and awards loot for completing them is called the Gate of Harmony. In this guide, we will discuss how to take part in the Gate of Harmony event in Lost Ark and how to get the Key of Balance to access it.

How to Get the Key of Balance in Lost Ark

The Gate of Harmony has many co-op missions to offer that will give you the Chest of Harmony. In the chest, you will find rare loot and some other items to help you on the journey.

But to access the Gate of Harmony, you will first need to get the Key of Balance. Below, you will find the correct way to get the Key of Balance.

To get the Key of Balance, you need to take part in a timed event called Catch Jellyfish! The event takes place at a certain time of the day and you need to make sure that you go over there at the right time.

To check event details and time, open the Settings after clicking on the blue stopwatch on the left-hand side of the screen.

In the settings menu will be the Sailing tab. Click on the two-sided button to search for events and you will see the events detail.

Start any of the Arthetine, Anikka, or Vern’s missions and complete the Catch Jellyfish! mission to get the Key of Harmony.

How to Access Gate of Harmony Event in Lost Ark

Now that you have the Key of Balance, you can take part in the Gate of Harmony co-op event.

To get to the Gate of Harmony, head towards the northeast in the middle of North Vern and Arthetine.

Once at the location, wait for the co-op event to start. The event will place you in two teams where you have to shoot underwater creatures.

The team with the most creatures killed will be the winner, but that is not the point.

Even if you lose, you will get the Chest of Harmony just for taking part in the event. Open the chest using the Key of Balance and you will receive sweet rewards and a Gienah’s Coin.