Lost Ark Isle of Yearning Guide

The Isle of Yearning is one of the many Islands you are going to find in Lost Ark. This guide will tell you complete details about the Isle of Yearning quests, Token, and locations of Mokoko Seeds.

Where to Find Isle of Yearning in Lost Ark?

Finding this island is pretty easy. You can find this Island northeast of the Rohendel in the location shown on the map above.

Once you reach that island, you need to be very careful. It is recommended to go to this island with a party and have a lot of items on you as well.

How to Get the Isle of Yearning Token?

Getting the Isle of Yearning Token in Lost Ark is one of the toughest jobs since the drop chances are extremely low.

To get the Isle of Yearning Token, you have to defeat a Slow Captain Turtle monster. Once you defeat the monster, he will drop Setino’s Secret Bag.


Inside that bag, there is a slight chance of finding the Isle of Yearning Token. You may have to farm the boss a few times to get the Token from this island.

Isle of Yearning Quests

You can complete three quests on this island to get different rewards. All these quests are given to you by Surviving Pirate Crew.

The three quests that you have to complete and the rewards are given below.

  • Turtle’s Treasure: Wisdom +1, Silver 21,500, and x3 High Seas Coins Chest
  • Treasure Hunt: Courage Potion, Silver 39,000, and x5 High Seas Coin Chest
  • A Final Clue: Well-Hidden Chest, Silver 39,500, and x7 High Seas Coin Chest

Lost Ark Isle of Yearning Mokoko Seed Locations

You will find 3 Mokoko Seeds on the Isle of Yearning, and their location is given below, along with map images.

Mokoko Seed #1 & #2

The first two Mokoko Seeds can be found very easily by going to the location shown on the map.

When you get to the location, you will find the first Mokoko Seed in front of a wardrobe, and the second one can be found on the left side right in front of a painting.

Mokoko Seed #3

The third and the last Mokoko Seed in the Isle of Yearning can be found at the location shown on the map above. This Mokoko Seed is on the island’s edge, close to a wooden box.

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