Lost Ark Illusion Isle Guide

Illusion Isle is a PvP Island in Lost Ark that spawns every two hours in the game. You can get...

Illusion Isle is a PvP Island in Lost Ark that spawns every two hours in the game. You can get the Island Token, Mokoko Seeds, and other rewards from this Island. In this guide, we will tell you complete details about Illusion Isle.

Where is the Illusion Isle Located in Lost Ark?

As we have already told you, this Island spawns every two hours. Therefore, it can be found easily in the north of the North Vern. The location can also be seen on the map below.

At this Island, you will need to complete a Cooperative PvP quest that will help you get the Island Token and other rewards.

Illusion Isle Cooperative PvP Quest

Once a person enters the Island, the quest will start after three minutes, and to complete this quest, all the players have to acquire 1500 points.

You will get 10 points per successful kill and 5 points for assisting. The more kills you have, the more chance you will find the Island Token.

Once all the players combined points hit the 1500 mark, the quest will end, and you will get the Illusion Isle Loot and Silver.

From Illusion Loot, you can get the Island Token randomly. If you want to get the Island Token, you may have to try a couple of times to get it.

Lost Ark Illusion Isle Mokoko Seeds Location

In Illusion Isle, you are going to find three mokoko seeds. The locations of all three of them can be seen below.

Mokoko Seed #1

To find the first Mokoko Seed, you have to go to the location shown on the map above. Here you will find the mokoko seed next to a small wall with a dried tree.

Mokoko Seed #2 & #3

Head to the location shown on the map above, and you will find both seeds next to each other on the edge of the cliff.

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