How to Find Hydra’s Lair in Lost Ark

There are a number of quests to find on the mysterious Shangra island. One of them being “Wings to Wake Up The Dragon Stone: Hydra Lair”. The following guide will explain just how players can complete that quest by finding the entrance to the Hydra lair in Lost Ark.

How to Find Hydra’s Lair in Lost Ark

Begin by making your way to Shangra island. The location tends to move and hence, players will need to wait until the island has spawned before they can start on their journey.

Take note that the Shangra island has three different spawning points. It will surface either north of North Vern Island, southwest of North Vern Island or north of Anikka Island.

After finally stepping foot on the Shangra island, head on to speak with Bisun to begin the Wings to Wake Up The Dragon Stone questline in Lost Ark.

He will ask you to find the Hydra Lair which is located in the northern side of the island. For your ease, we have marked the location on the map.

Once at the Hydra Lair, you will need to complete a couple of different objectives. One is to Wake Up the Dragon Stone.

In this objective, you will need to find the Lesser Dragon and communicate with it. Once you find it, your next objective will be to comfort the Lesser Dragon by playing the Song of Spring in front of him.

The last objective will be to soothe the Lesser Dragon. Once all these objectives are complete, the Wings to Wake Up the Dragon Stone quest will be complete.

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