Lost Ark Deathblade Leveling Guide

Deathblade has big AoE skills in Lost Ark that can do high damage to many enemies. Moreover, she has good mobility as well which makes the leveling process quite easy if you know what to do. In this guide, we will tell you complete details about leveling up a Deathblade character in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Deathblade Leveling

To level up your Deathblade character, your main priority will be getting the highest item level gear while focusing on the Specialization Combat Stats and Crit. This will increase the clear speed of areas by amping up your damage.

Still, the best way to level up quickly is to focus on completing the Main Story quests.

In Lost Ark, you can take away, reset, or change the skill points at any time in the game except during the boss fight. Swapping skills is a very important part of leveling process so do focus on that.

There are three different Skill Tiers in Lost Ark. The first Tier will require 4 points, the second will require 20 points, and the third one will require 48 skill points. Your skills will get really powerful when you are going to reach the second or Third Tier.

Now let’s move to the best leveling build in Lost Ark

Best Deathblade Leveling Build in Lost Ark

Here we will tell you level by level about the skills and how many skill points you are going to put in for making the best leveling build and reach level 50 as quickly as possible.

Level 12

Skill: Spincutter

You should put 4 Skill Points in the Skills instantly for increasing the speed. You will be keeping this same till level 50.

Skill: Polestar

You will be using this skill till around level 20. We will recommend you to put 4 skill points into it not anymore. This skill is not our priority we will be using it for Vital Protection and Weak point detection.

Level 14

Skill: Soul Absorber

This is amazing damage dealing skill which you will be maxing out first by putting 48 Skill Points in it. The Tier you will be getting are Swift Finger, Fist of Darkness, and Halve.

Level 20

Skill: Earth Cleaver

You will be putting just 4 skill points in this to get the Push skill to increase the damage by 15%.

Level 24

Skill: Moonlight Sonic

At level 24 you will be getting an amazing skill called Moonlight Sonic. this is the skill you will be using till level 50 so maxed it out. The three Tiers for that will be Fist of Darkness, Sustain Enhancement, and Shade Sonic.

Level 32

Skill: Maelstrom

This skill will give you movement and attack speed. However, you wouldn’t be investing much in this. You will be taking it Tier 1 by investing 4 skill points.

Level 40

Skill: Blitz Rush

At level 40 you will get the Blitz Rush skill which is a damage-dealing skill that you will be maxing out as well but not instantly. Firstly you will take it to Tier 2 and then in the last round to Tier 3.

Skills to use and Tips for Leveling Deathblade

The Most Important Skills you must use are given below in the order you should be using them.

  • Moonlight Sonic
  • Soul Absorber
  • Blitz Rush

Till the time you don’t get the above-mentioned skill, you should be using the Polestar since it is really good for damage.

For Mobility the best available skills are

  • Spincutter
  • Maelstorm
  • Dark Axel

The most efficient way of using these skills is getting some mobs together, slowing down, and then using the Spincutter. After that, you can use the Moonlight Sonic and Soul Absorber as well for getting rid of them completely.

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