Lost Ark Crook Catcher Quest Guide

The Crook Catcher is a daily quest in Lost Ark. In this guide, we will give you all the details you need to complete this daily quest.

Lost Ark Crook Catcher Quest

You can get the Crook Catcher daily quest at Runaways Island. It will ask you to catch three crooks in the Runaway: The Lockpicker, The Prisoner Ransomer, and Noble Impersonator. All of these crooks are very easy to locate.

The Lockpicker
To find this lockpicker, head to the rooftop right in the middle of the map. To reach the top of this building, use arrows and jump with precision.

When you successfully reach the top of this building, wait for a few moments there because the Lockpicker takes his time to appear. Simply select this crook when he arrives and you’ll successfully catch him.

The Prisoner Ransomer
The Prisoner Ransomer is a little north of the building where the lockpicker is. He will be surrounded by two NPCs who are enjoying a discussion. Roam around them a little until the Prisoner Ransomer appears. Once that happens, catch him.

Noble Impersonator
The Noble Impersonator is west of the building where The Lockpicker is. He’ll emerge from a cabin surrounded by hay bales. Wait a few moments for the game to detect your presence. The Noble Impersonator will appear, and you will have the opportunity to catch him.

After catching all these crooks successfully, you complete the Crook Catcher quest in Lost Ark after turning the quest in. You’ll receive some exciting rewards upon the completion of the Crook Catcher quest.

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