Lost Ark Calventus Guardian Raid Guide

In this Lost Ark Calventus Guardian Raid guide, we'll let you know how you can beat the guardian Calventus Guardian so that you grab all its drops!

Calventus is a Raid level 3 Guardian that players will face during the endgame of Lost Ark. He can make use of some effective battle mechanics to make the battle really tough. So, in this Lost Ark Calventus Guardian Raid guide, we’ll let you know how you can beat the guardian Calventus Guardian so that you grab all its drops!

Lost Ark Calventus Guardian Raid Mechanics

Players need to be at 880 item level so that they can access the Calventus raid. Item drops during this raid include Tier 2 Accessories, Upgrade Materials, and Ability Stones.

Moreover, players can also collect Runes, Engraving Books, and Cards. So, this raid has much more to offer other than an exciting fight with Calventus.

Calventus takes 10% more damage from Light Element skills. It has two phases in total and the second phase begins with a transition that appears after 5 minutes of the fight.

Attacks are completely different in the second phase, as new attacks are added as well. The most important one is Black Orbs.

Below we’ve detailed Calventus’s key moves that he can make during the fight.

Black Orbs

Calventus will summon a couple of black orbs that will slowly close in on him. These orbs will actually power the guardian up quite a bit by enraging him.

So, what you need to do is keep these orbs away from Calventus and try and destroy them before they are consumed. When the orbs are summoned, simply coordinate with your squad to keep the orbs at bay and destory them.

Flying Attacks

Another move that the Guardian can make is when it flies into the air and releases a huge amount of energy attacks simultaneously. You need to recognize this attack as soon as he flies in the air, so you can move away and dodge this attack.

However, by far the deadliest move when Calventus is in the air involves the guardian disappearing for a few seconds before landing back down. This move has the potential to one shot you and should be move you’re looking out for the most during this fight. There will be a quick flash on the ground indicating where he’ll land so be vigilant!

Charge Animation

When this attack begins, you will see the Guardian glowing blue. Players can overcome this by using a skill with a Counterattack and casting it at the Guardian quickly. If this counter move from the players occurs timely, they can halt the Charge Animation move for some time and can use buffs and deal damage to the Guardian.

After the Charge Animation attack ends, Calventus performs an AoE attack which can knock down the players if it hits them. So, players should keep this in mind and maintain some distance for a while after this Charge Animation attack ends. When enraged, he can perform this attack twice and a lot quicker as well.

General Attack Patterns

Calventus is also able to release energy from his mouth, so players should also keep a distance from his mouth to shield them from a sudden attack. Moreover, he also can jump back and follow up with some general attacks to deal damage suddenly. These aren’t as deadly as the others and can be easily kited.

Calventus Guardian Raid Best Combat Items

Here are some of the recommended combat items that you should equip before fighting this Guardian.

  • HP Potion
  • Panacea
  • Flare
  • Sacred Charm

Panacea and Sacred Charm can be used to remove the Armor Debuff that Calventus Guardian can apply on you during the battle. You need to have more than 3 stacks to remove this debuff. Gunlancer, Paladin, and Soulfist can also be used to remove this debuff.

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