Lost Ark Blackfang Rapport Guide

This guide talks about engaging Rapport with the Blackfang NPC in Lost Ark and what items you might receive from her.

Every NPC in Lost Ark will have a different relationship with you according to how you treat them. This mechanic is known as Rapport. This guide talks about engaging Rapport with the Blackfang NPC in Lost Ark and what items you might receive from her.

How to Unlock Rapport for Blackfang in Lost Ark

Blackfang is the leader of the Black Fox and a pirate that is respected all around the land. She is searching for the Great Pirate Bloodclaw that went missing some time back.

To unlock Blackfang Rapport, you first need to complete the Bloodclaw’s Dagger quest to gain her trust. Below is a walkthrough of the Bloodclaw’s Dagger quest:

Bloodclaw’s Dagger Quest Walkthrough

To start the quest, you first need to talk to Blackfang at the Blackfang’s Den. It is located just to the southeast of Platina Ocean and south of Anikka Island on the map.

Go inside the den and talk to Blackfang to get the quest. Then, she will tell you to talk with Mariner Rosa outside. When you talk to Mariner Rosa, she will ask you to go check on Bloodclaw’s Men.

Locate the quest, and it will show you the location on the map of where you need to go. Sail towards the marked island and talk to Metal Arm NPC there. She will tell you that the Great Pirate Bloodclaw died right before her eyes.

Head to the new location marked on the map, which leads to Peyto. Once there, follow the marker to the Market District and talk to another Bloodclaw’s men. He will tell you to talk to Corass the Starfish.

The NPC will give you the location of one of the closest men to Bloodclaw that lives in the Tavern. Head there, and you will meet with Seared Beard. He will tell you a secret of the Bloodclaw’s grave where they usually visit. It is located in Port Krona.

Make your way to the Port Krona and visit the pirate’s grave. You will have to stand there silently to pay a tribute. Once it is done, talk to the Green Tongue NPC there. He will give you the Bloodclaw’s Dagger to give it to Blackfang.

Once you give it to Blackfang, she will thank you for helping her realize the truth and will want to meet you again. When you interact with her again, the Rapport Rewards will be there for you to get.

Blackfang Rapport

There are 4 stages of Rapport with every NPC; Neutral, Amicable, Friendly, and Trusted. Each stage will give you different rarity rewards. Also, each stage has required XP that you need to meet first to unlock the next stage.

Below are the XP that you need to unlock each stage, the rewards that you get on that stage, and their levels:

Stage Required XP Rewards
Neutral (Lvl 1) 600 15x Ancient Gold Coin
Neutral (Lvl 2) 2000
Amicable (Lvl 1) 7100 2x 100-Gold Coin and 1x Sail Gylph: Unity
Amicable (Lvl 2) 11000
Amicable (Lvl 3) 12000
Friendly (Lvl 1) 15000 5x 100-Gold Coin and 1x Blackfang Card
Friendly (Lvl 2) 15000
Friendly (Lvl 3) 15000
Trusted 1x Crew Application Form: Blackfang and 1x Blackfang’s Den Island Token

Here are the items that you can get from Blackfang with the exchange of Rapport Points (RP):


  • Roar – 375 RP
  • Stretch – 400 RP


  • Song of Valor – 250 RP
  • Song of Temptation – 375 RP


  • Lobster Dish – 324 RP
  • Zagoras Ice Cap – 324 RP
  • Liebeheim’s Rose – 324 RP
  • Prideholme Potato – 330 RP
  • Finest Spirit – 330 RP
  • Educational Chart – 330 RP
  • Azenaporium Brooch – 330 RP
  • Transparent Pearl – 330 RP
  • Tournament Entrance Certificate – 330 RP
  • Hawk Claws – 330 RP
  • Dyorika Straw Hat – 330 RP
  • Model of Luterra’s Sword – 330 RP
  • Glacial Beer – 360 RP
  • Perfect Beer Stein – 450 RP
  • Fargar’s Beer – 2000 RP
  • Surprise Chest – 2000 RP
  • Sky Reflection Oil – 2000 RP
  • Chain War Chronicles – 2000 RP
  • Shy Wind Flower Pollen – 2000 RP
  • Angler’s Fishing Pole – 2000 RP
  • Fine Gramophone – 2000 RP
  • Vern’s Founding Coin – 2000 RP
  • Sirius’s Holy Book – 2000 RP
  • Red Moon Tears – 2000 RP
  • Festival of Fire and Ice – 2000 RP
  • Sylvain Queens’ Blessing – 2000 RP
  • Oreha Viewing Stone – 2000 RP
  • Necromancer’s Records – 2000 RP
  • Encavian Crown – 5000 RP
  • Gustaven’s Holy Water – 10000 RP
  • Medrick Centennial Wine – 10000 RP
  • Honey Toast – 10000 RP
  • Living Stone – 10000 RP
  • Endless Bottle – 10000 RP
  • Hoyte Issue No. 289 – 10000 RP
  • Linderte Goblet – 10000 RP
  • Blue Gem – 10000 RP
  • Millennial Lotus Essence – 10000 RP
  • Mask of the Oath – 10000 RP
  • Blessings of the Lazeniths – 10000 RP
  • Gienah’s Protection – 10000 RP
  • Blue Heart Fruit – 10000 RP
  • Haal Coin – 10000 RP
  • Crystal Necklace – 10000 RP
  • Liquor of Arrogance – 10000 RP
  • Albion’s Scale – 10000 RP
  • Lunar Knights Token – 10000 RP

This concludes our Lost Ark Blackfang Rapport guide. You can check out more Lost Ark guides on our website.