Lost Ark Anytime Anywhere Walkthrough

In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the Anytime Anywhere quest in Lost Ark, including its location and how to complete it.

Lost Ark Anytime Anywhere

Anytime Anywhere is a roster task in Lost Ark in which you have to collect 3 pieces of information from Prisoners that will eventually help out Nison in saving his daughter Kaithertz.

In this quest, you first have to free the prisoners and then ask them if they know anything about Kaithertz. They will give you three letters (three pieces of information). You have to bring these letters to Nison.

Anytime Anywhere Walkthrough

There is a slave market in east Kalthertz. Go there and release the prisoners there to get the pieces of information you need. You can free up to five prisoners in a day and each prisoner will cost you around 300 or less.

Lost Ark Anytime Anywhere Quest Location

After freeing the prisoners, you will receive a few emails of chests. At Mail Carrier Troy, check the game inbox. Look for the chest that says Letter of Gratitude. These chests may contain the information you are looking for or they may be just another simple chest that you get during the game.

If they don’t give you all the three pieces of information the first day, you need to come back again the next day and free the prisoners again and repeat the entire process.

The game does not specify how many prisoners you need to free in order to get all three pieces of information. So, make sure you don’t overpay for the prisoners as you might have to repeat the process several times and that will cost you a lot if you are not careful while paying for the prisoners.

Anytime Anywhere quest in Lost Ark will conclude once you have gathered all three pieces of information required by Nison.

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