Lost Ark A Nose For News Quest Guide

The Nose for News is a chained instructional quest in Lost Ark that rewards you with a large amount of Honing materials if completed. This quest begins in the Origins of Stern section of the Arthetine continent. The following Lost Ark A Nose For News Quest guide will walk you through the entire way.

How to start A Nose for News Quest in Lost Ark

To start the quest “A Nose for News,” players must chat with two NPCs in the Arthetine zone’s Origins of Stern area. Visit Stern’s Business District Origins first and speak with Editor-in-Chief Phillan Kaiman. It includes some NPCs which will contain Editor-in-Chief Phillan Kaiman and Reporter Mathias.

Talk to Reporter Mathias in the same spot as the mission begins. He will inform you about Slimy technology and will take you to the Nebelhorn area for additional inquiry.

STEP #1: Go and Talk to Lab Director Yulia
When you have completed your talks with Mathias, proceed to the Arthetine region’s Nebelhorn area and meet with Lab Director Yulia at Nebelhorn Lab. She will inform you that the water temperature in the Nebelhorn Oasis was anomalous last month and will request that you conduct additional measurements to be certain.

STEP #2: Investigate the Oasis water temperature
To go to the Oasis, which is depicted on the map on the northern side of Nebelhorn, use triport. Examine three separate locations at the oasis. These experiments will reveal extremely high temperatures.

STEP #3: Follow the suspicious presence
You must now find the Suspicious Tech Branch Employee and expose the suspicious presence. The game does not provide a precise place.

Use the Magick Flow Detector in the location of the scattered bones until the “Follow the suspicious presence” pop-up message appears on the screen.

STEP #4: Search around the waterfall
Scan using the Magick Flow Detector and continue following the suspicious presence to the north until you reach the waterfall. Use Magick Detector on the waterfall to reveal a hidden NPC.

STEP #5: Go and Talk to the Suspicious Tech Branch Employee
Go to the red marker which will be apparent to you. Use the Magick Flow Detector next to the bones spread around a cactoo Scan until the “Follow the suspicious presence” pop-up message appears on the screen.

Navigate to the yellow point on the map just outside the quest zone. Use Magic Flow Detector near a waterfall once again.

If you followed all the steps correctly, this should disclose the presence of the Suspicious Tech Branch Employee.

When you find the Suspicious Tech Branch Employee near the waterfall, interact with him. He will initially refuse to tell you anything, so you must examine him using the “Interrogate” emotion.

STEP #6: Lab Director Yulia
When you are done interrogating the Suspicious Tech Branch Employee, move to the Nebelhorn lab. Here, you must find Yulia and ask about your investigation. Inquire about the questions you have.

STEP #7: Call Journalist Mathias
After you have interrogated Yulia, go, and see the communicator at Nebelhorn lab. You must call Mathias. After you have summoned him, you need to ask him for his cooperation with Sasha, the treasurer.

Finally, when you have completed everything, head back to the Municipal District which is in the Origins of Stern, Arthetine. Now, just simply follow the purple quest marker. The marker will lead you to Sasha. After finding her, interact with her and ask for her cooperation.

After finding Sasha, your mission will end, and the quest will finish. Just follow all the above-mentioned steps to complete the quest.

After completing the entire questline, you will receive the following items: 290 Roster XP, 1,080 Silver, 6x Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest, 2x Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest, 4x Splendid Shard Chest.

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