How To Defeat The Congregator Of Flesh In Lords Of The Fallen 

The congregator of Flesh has an imposing figure in Lords of the Fallen but there is a strategy with which you can defeat him with relative ease.

The Congregator of Flesh is one of the early-game main bosses in Lords of the Fallen. You will cross a wooden makeshift bridge as you arrive at the Forsaken Fen and activate the Vestige of Olleren. This bridge will break, and you will fall down in the pit where this mess of a creature is waiting to devour you.  

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat the Congregator of Flesh in Lords of the Fallen. 

The Congregator of Flesh Boss Attack Patterns 

As the name suggests, the Congregator of Flesh is a huge creature made of meat and teeth with many tiny arms. The boss always uses its left bigger arm for attacks, as it has a larger range and is more flexible than other body parts.

Phase 1 

The first thing to watch out for while facing this boss is its overhead swipe. This attack is one of the most difficult ones to dodge since the boss can delay it by variable amounts of time.

The next attack is its backhand sideswipe, which is easier to see and dodge. Although this strike takes a short time to wind up and connect, its range can make it difficult for you to jump away.

Next is the jump attack, which is telegraphed by the boss standing on two limbs before slamming down. This happens in a wide area and causes much damage if you fail to get out of the place.  


Phase 2 

When the Congregator reaches 50% of its health, it will kick into Phase 2 where it adds a few new attacks to its arsenal.

The boss can roar and try to grab you, and then you will be chewed up and spat out. You may die from this attack. If you survive, you will have a very short period to stand up and fix yourself before another strike.  

In the second phase, the Congregator of Flesh will begin creating clouds of poison around the arena and itself. This gradually fills up your poison meter and reduces your HP.  

If you stand behind the back of the Congregator, it will raise itself up and roll over onto you. This can also happen when you stay too long at its sides, but less frequently. This attack gives you a second to move away, so you can avoid it most of the time in this fight. 

The Congregator of Flesh Boss Combat Strategy 

The boss’ size is a problem, but if you approach this smartly, you can use it to your advantage. Here is how. 


The Congregator only uses the Overhead Swip when you are at range. So, try to stay as close to the boss as possible to ensure he doesn’t resort to this move.

As for the backhand sideswipe, you can notice that it’s about to swipe when the boss puts its arm across its body and slightly bends down. Pause momentarily at your position, and then dodge forward.

The jump attack of the boss is a pain to deal with since there is no warning with this one. You can get as far as possible from the damage range.  

The roar and grab attack usually happens at mid-range. It can be dodged with proper movement right when the boss roars. 

The poison can be a problem, but if you play aggressively, you will likely defeat the boss before the poison kills you. 

How to Deal Damage  

The Congregator of Flesh draws its strength from an Umbral Parasite that powers it. Lift your lamp, and you will see a small blue parasite hovering near the boss. This creature enhances the defenses and attacks prowess of the boss. Use the siphon ability with your lamp to destroy this, and the boss will be a little easier to deal with. 

Your goal in this fight is to get into position next to the boss’s right leg. He won’t use this leg as much, so you can get up close and strike with your weapon whenever possible.  

If you stay at the right leg or the back side of the Congregator, you will be safe from most of its attacks.

If the fight seems unimaginably difficult to you due to poor preparation or low character level, we recommend summoning NPCs such as Pieta. She can deal a lot of damage to the boss while giving you time to rethink your strategies. 

The Congregator of Flesh is weak to holy, fire, and bleed damage. So, having a weapon such as Bloodlust can be useful. 

Rinse and repeat the attacks at the boss’s right leg, and it will take you just a few minutes to defeat the Congregator of Flesh. Playing aggressively is the key to winning this ugly fight. 

The Congregator of Flesh Boss Rewards 

Defeating the Congregator of Flesh will get you the following rewards: 

  • 1x Vestige Seed 
  • 8x Umbral Scouring 

If you enter Umbral after the fight and Soulflay the Stigma, you will also get the Remembrance of the Congregator of Flesh in Lords of the Fallen. 

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