How To Get Bloodlust In Lords Of The Fallen

Kill. Kill. Kill.

Bloodlust is a weapon in Lords of the Fallen that falls in the short sword category. These weapons require you to be close to the enemy to inflict substantial damage on foes.

The Bloodlust short sword is an excellent weapon to get in the early game. It also has a unique characteristic that makes it powerful. Let’s discuss where and how you can get the weapon.

The Bloodlust location in Lords of the Fallen

To get the Bloodlust weapon in Lords of the Fallen, you need to fast travel to the Vestige of the Pale Butcher which is located in the Shuja Hamlet area.

Advance to your right; you will cross a wooden bridge and enter a tunnel. The tunnel will be lit with wooden sconces; keep moving further and you will come across a locked door.

Use the Umbral Lamp to walk through the gate.

Move forward and you will encounter some enemies in a stream of water. Cross this stream and the path divides into two; head left.


You will encounter some knights fighting each other; take care of them and enter the wooden entrance ahead; it will be lit by fire on both sides. Press A/X on the white indicator to interact and enter the boss fight.

You will have to either run past or kill the Crimson Rector Percival to get the Bloodlust short sword in LotF. When you have finished this task; you will find a chest on a wooden platform towards your right. This chest contains the Bloodlust short sword along with two Deralium Nuggets on the floor nearby.

Is the Bloodlust short sword worth it?

The Bloodlust falls in the short sword category in Lords of the Fallen which means it is a melee weapon and ideal for players who like to engage in combat up close.

The Bloodlust is a unique sword, it heals you when you slay an enemy with it. It requires 13 Agility and 13 Inferno to utilize it satisfactorily.

The Bloodlust deals in Physical and Fire Damage so it can also be used in an agility build.

Overall, it is not the strongest weapon in the game, damage-wise, but its unique healing trait and compatibility with agility builds make it a handy weapon.

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