Looks Like Portal 3 is Coming to HTC Vive; Video Gives Strong Evidence

It has been more than two years since we wrote about a Portal 3 trademark that had been registered by Valve Corporation, but nothing came out of it for a good long time – until, probably, now. HTC Vive Pre just got announced and while the developers were boasting of the experience offered, they shared a video. That video has arguable the strongest hint relating to the next game in the series!

The video shows a number of things, some referring to games that will be playable others referring to known apps for the head-mounted VR set, but one clip that came near the end was what caught our attention.

It shows a lady floating in mid-air with her back towards us. She is wearing an orange jumpsuit rolled down to show a white vest. She stays still for a second or two and then does something by raising her arms that blasts through the wall on her front at the same time while bending away the wall on her left and right side.

Does that remind you of anything? Well, she is dressed up like Chell and she just made a portal from one dimension to another; people not relating this to Portal 3 would be rare since it is definitely not from any of the previous iterations in the series. Check out the video above.

Portal 3

One last thing to further strengthen the rumor is the fact that Valve Corporation (the makers of Portal) have been working on the development of HTC Vive too and they would definitely like to use an iconic IP to boost the VR headset like that.

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