Life is Strange True Colors Memories Locations Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you Life is Strange True Colors Memories Locations that you can find spread throughout the five chapters

Life is Strange: True Colors consists of 29 Collectibles Locations spread across five chapters. Twenty-five of these locations are of Memory Collectibles. In this guide, we’ll be showing you all of the Life is Strange True Colors Memories Locations.

Life is Strange True Colors Memories Locations

Memory Collectibles in True Colors are present in your environment in the form of different interactable objects.

You may interact with these memories in True Colors by holding onto L2. This will activate Alex’s power, and after that, press the X button to use the power.

Some of these LiS True Colors collectibles are very easy to find in your surroundings, while others will require a bit more of your attention.

Once activated, these Collectibles will trigger a memory from your life or another supporting character’s life.

Let’s dive into all of the Memory Collectible locations in Life is Strange: True Colors one by one.

Chapter 1 Memories

At the beginning of the game, Alex arrives in Haven, where she meets Gabe and Ryan. There are a total of 5 Memory Collectibles spread across Chapter 1 of Life is Strange.

Memory #1 – Letter for Riley

After the confrontation with Mac, you’ll be able to explore the apartment as well as unpack your bag.

Next, go upstairs and head over to the study table placed on the opposite side of the bed.

Interact with the Riley Letter placed on this table. This will trigger a Memory and unlock “A Letter to Riley Trophy”.

Memory #2 – Crack

Near the stairs from where you first entered the apartment, look at the opposite side to locate this Crack. You’ll find the Crack on the bottom of the wall to the left of a small table.

Interact with this Collectible by holding onto L2, and then pres X. A Memory will be triggered, and you will unlock the “Crack Trophy”.

Memory #3 – Officer Fish

After you have spoken to Jed at the bar, head behind the bar. You will find the Business Card lying next to a computer.

Interacting with this computer will trigger a Memory and unlock the “Officer Fish” Trophy.

Memory #4 – Helmet

An important thing to remember about this Memory is that you won’t obtain it until nighttime.

Therefore, you should have visited the mine with Gabe and Ryan in search of Ethan to discover this Memory.

Once you’re inside the open area before the entrance, you will find the Helmet lying on the ground towards the left of the mine shaft entrance across many old carts.

Interact with this Memory, and you shall unlock the “Head Count” Trophy.

Memory #5 Phone

Once you’ve entered the first building and analyzed Ethan’s comic in the mining area, you’ll find the Phone attached to the wall behind you. Interact with this Collectible to unlock the “Phone” Trophy.

Chapter 2 Memories

After the shocking happenings towards the end of Chapter 1. Alex will continue her journey to Haven, searching for more answers. There are 5 Memories in this chapter.

Memory #6 – Button

On the rooftop of your apartment, head upstairs and then turn towards your left. You’ll find the Button inside the orange-colored plants.

Interact with this Button and unlock the “Time for Something New” Trophy.

Memory #7 – Umbrella

Once again, inside The Black Lantern, head towards the door with the exit sign at the back of the pub.

Just towards your left, you will find an Umbrella. Interact with this Memory to Unlock the “Umbrella” Trophy.

Memory #8 – Rent Check

Behind the bar, you’ll find The Rent Check located near the coffee machine and today’s specials board. Interact with this Collectible to unlock the “No Handouts” Trophy.

Memory #9 – Gummies

Head on to the Dispensary and then talk to Charlotte. You will access the backroom after interacting with her.

The Gummies will be on the right side near the weed. Interact with the items and you will unlock the “Pro Tip” Trophy.

Memory #10 – T-Shirt

Inside the flower shop, find Eleanor to access this Memory. You’ll find a blue cupboard on the left-hand side of the shop where you’ll be able to locate the T-Shirt. Interacting with this item will unlock the “Team Chomp-Bot” Trophy.

Chapter 3 Memories

During Alex’s investigation about Diane and her connection to Typhon, Alex participates in a LARP with Ethan. This chapter consists of 5 Memory Collectibles.

Memory #11 – Bomber Jacket

At the beginning of Chapter 3, you are asked to clean all of the tables in the bar.

Next, head to the backside of this bar, where you will find the Bomber Jacket hanging on a coat stand. Interact with this jacket to unlock the “Hell Drivers” Trophy.

Memory #12 – Dollar

After your fight with the “Wolf”, you’ll find the Dollar Bill Collectible lying on the ground by the bench. This will help you unlock “Ethan’s Dollar” Trophy.

Memory #13 – Appointment Slip

While you’re searching for the jewels, head to the pub where you’ll find the Appointment Slip lying on the ground near the entrance.

This will help you unlock the “And How Does That Make You Feel?” Trophy.

Memory #14 – Old Paper

After your interaction with the “Old Gnome”, head to the pub, and you’ll find the Old Paper Collectible on a table that will unlock the “Upright and Above Ground” Trophy.

Memory #15 – Valkyrie’s Dish

While still on the search for the jewels, head to the Record Store. After interacting with Steph, you’ll find a wooden cabinet beside a guitar enclosed in a blue case.

You’ll discover Valkyrie’s Dish underneath this cabinet and unlock the “Valkyrie’s Dish” Trophy.

Chapter 4 Memories

During this chapter, Alex encounters some challenges while performing at a festival with Steph.

There are a total of 5 Memory Collectibles scattered throughout this chapter.

Memory #16 – Pressed Rose

As soon as this chapter starts, you’ll be able to locate The Pressed Rose on the wall by the dining table in your apartment. This collectible helps you obtain the “Pressed Rose” Trophy.

Memory #17 – Drum Kit

Turn around from the Jelly Bean stall, and you’ll find the Drum Kit on the stage, which will help you unlock the “Count Me In” Trophy.

Memory #18 – Microphone

Behind the stage where you found the Drum Kit, you’ll find the Microphone lying on the ground. This will help you unlock the “In Front of God and Everybody” Trophy.

Memory #19 Polaroid

Back at the pub, in the back near the coat stand, you’ll find the Polaroid on the wall towards your right. This helps you acquire the “Birthday Boy” Trophy.

Memory #20 CIT Sticker

At the back of the Flower Shop, you’ll find this sticker lying on some pots. This will help you unlock the “Proud Parent” Trophy.

Chapter 5 Memories

As you approach the game’s finale, Alex takes a trip down memory lane. During this emotional journey, you discover 5 Memory Collectibles.

Memory #21 – Mom’s Keys

Inside the Hospital Room, you’ll find these keys by the sink. These keys will help you unlock the “Scary News” Trophy.

Memory #22 – Business Card

During the Home Sweet Home scene after the Hospital, you’ll find yourself in your parent’s house.

Inside the kitchen, you’ll find the Business Card in the corner of the kitchen. This will help you unlock the “Some kind of Fight” Trophy.

Memory #23 – Guitar Strings

At the orphanage, you’ll find a bunk bed towards your left. On the lower bunk bed, you’ll find the Guitar Strings, which will help you unlock the “Guitar Strings” Trophy.

Memory #24 Pendant

You will automatically collect this Memory as you explore the mines during a cut scene. In addition, this will automatically unlock the “Where The Devil Sleeps” Trophy for you.

Memory #25 Bomber Jacket

Once you get up from the bed during the A Knock at the Door scene, you’ll find this jacket hanging from a chair at the dining table. This unlocks the “You’re a Helldiver Now” Trophy.

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