Life is Strange Choices and Consequences Guide – All Crucial Decisions

In this Life is Strange Choices and Consequences Guide, we take a look at all the important decisions you will have to make that will change the events of the game significantly. We cover all the dialogue options and their subsequent impact on your story in the game. Look at our Life is Strange Choices Guide below:

Life is Strange Choices

Being a game based on interactive storytelling, each choice you make has something to do with how you shape your destiny. Especially, with the time-travel feature, even more possibilities open up. Let us take a look at all the big decisions you will have to make in each episode of the game.

Decision 1A – Report Nathan

In the first episode, you will have a conversation with the principal of the school. You can choose to either report Nathan or hide the truth. The choice you make will have consequences that span over all the episodes of the game.

Within this episode, this will lead to the principal having a word with Nathan who will consequently get cross with Max. Chloe will not be so happy either; she will resent the choice. In the second episode, Max will receive threats from unknown numbers on her cell and she will have her room destroyed too.

Now, you can speak about this with people including Warren and Jefferson. If the blame is kept on Nathan, he will be suspended otherwise if Max takes on Chloe’s faults and she blames David instead, she will have to leave school for good.

Either way, the Principal will apologize to Nathan in an email and a picture would be stolen from Max’s room by Nathan.

Decision 1B – Hide the Truth

There will not be a conversation between the principal and Nathan; however, Nathan will still piece together clues to know about Max’s presence in the bathroom at that pivotal moment. Chloe will be happy but Max will still receive a single threat on her cell phone. Her room is untouched.

She can later accuse Nathan leading to his suspension or blame David which will still not lead to Max’s exit from the school. As a result, no email is sent and no photo is stolen from Max’s room. Max can now choose to talk about her decision with the principal.

Decision 2A – Make Fun of Victoria

In the second chapter of this episode, you will have to choose whether to make a joke out of Victoria or give her a helping hand. Choosing to make fun of her would lead to Victoria posting a picture of Max’s on Facebook. Chloe will comment on this picture.

Victoria will consequently take the same picture and make it into a meme and share details of Max’s conversation with Taylor. Victoria will not believe Max’s thoughts about the Dark Room so she will get caught by Jefferson and get murdered.

Decision 2B – Comfort Victoria

No picture is posted on Facebook and Victoria makes no comment. Moreover, there will not be a meme circulating around and Victoria will believe Max when she tells her about the Dark Room. Thereafter, Victoria will not be caught by Mark Jefferson and will not be killed.

Decision 3A – Take a Photo of the security guard with Kate

When you head outside, you will see Chloe’s stepfather, a security guard treating Kate indecently. You can capture a photo of this event or intervene. Choosing the former option will lead to some resentment on Kate’s side as well as on Chloe’s. Chloe will even bring this up in a talk with David.

In Episode 2, Kate will intimidate Max about the event that occurred, once in the bathroom and then in her room. She will then proceed to jump from the rooftop but choosing the ‘I was scared’ option will allow you to save her. David is suspended when Kate’s blame is put on him. Max’s photo can be seen lying around in Kate’s room.

Decision 3B – Intervene in the situation between the security guard and Kate

Kate will be thankful to Max and Chloe will not make a big deal out of the whole exchange so she will not talk to David about it. In the second Episode, Kate will ask you the reason for intervening. In the rooftop sequence, you can save her by choosing either of the ‘Things will get better’ or ‘You matter, not just to me’ dialogue options.

Without any supporting evidence, Max cannot oust David and she will be suspended if she tries to blame him. No photo of Max’s lies in Kate’s room.

Decision 4A – Blame Chloe

The fourth choice that would have to be made in chapter 4 of the Episode would have four total options. You either blame Chloe or take her blame on yourself. You can also be patient and remain hidden. Alternatively, while hidden, describe the situation to David. Blaming Chloe will lead to her not showing Max the gun and in turn engaging in a heated conversation over at the lighthouse.

Max will not be suspended from the school and she can side with Chloe in order for Joyce to mention smoking after she talks with David. What this could lead to is Officer Berry knowing that Chloe smokes pot thanks to an email from David. However, this could be prevented if Max deletes the message on Chloe’s landline phone.

Decision 4B – Take Chloe’s blame on yourself

Chloe will be happy with Max in her lighthouse conversation and would show Max the gun. She can still be suspended in the office though if she either blames David for harassing Kate or tell the principal for the first time that Nathan owns a gun.

Joyce will still mention smoking the pot and David will email the officer that Max smokes pot. Consequently, in Episode 5, David will call Max by names including ‘pothead’ and ‘weed junkie’.

Decision 4C – Stay Hidden

Chloe will be angry at the lighthouse conversation and will not show the gun to Max. Max will not be suspended from school and David will email officer after his conversation with Joyce and tell him that Chloe smokes pot. This occurs if the message was not deleted from Chloe’s landline telephone.

Decision 4D – Hide and Reveal to David

Chloe will be happy when talking by the lighthouse and she will reveal the gun to Max. However, this time David will hit Chloe. Max can be suspended from the same two reasons as mentioned in Decision 4B. Max will be accused of smoking pot in an email from David to Officer Berry.

Episode #2

Decision 1A – Go to the Police

In the first chapter of this Episode, when you will engage in a conversation with Kate, you will either have the option to tell the police or look for proof regarding the situation. If you choose ‘Go to the police’ option, you will able to save Kate on the rooftop more easily. This involves choosing either the ‘Nathan is involved’ or ‘You were drugged’ to save her. Kate will be thankful to Max

Decision 1B – Look for Proof

Kate will show some resentment to Max and the only way she can be saved on the rooftop would be through the choice, ‘I’m gathering proof’. Any other options will mean her death.

Decision 2A – Answer

The choice you make here, at the end of the second chapter of the Episode, will have results that alter the ending of the game. If max answers the phone, Kate will be happy but Chloe will get into a fight with her mother.

Kate can be rescued easier when she is on the rooftop by choosing the ‘You are my friend’ or ‘I’m here for you’ dialogue option. Chloe will express her admiration for the decision Max made while they are in the hospital tending to Kate.

Decision 2B – Don’t Answer

Kate will be easier to save this time around. Choosing only one of the four options will allow Max to rescue her. The option ‘It was in the silent mode’ will be successful. Chloe will offer some apology to Max for the near death of Kate.

Decision 3A – Shoot the Assailant

In the third chapter of the game, you can shoot the person who tries to assault Chloe or you can choose not to. The gun would always be empty though but will still have different impacts.

Choosing to shoot Frank will make him angry and he will not take the gun. Chloe will be happy and will message Max a joke proposal for marriage.

In Episode 3, Frank would remember that Max tried to shoot him and he will be more difficult to befriend in Episode 4. However, ‘You had a knife’ option will cool him down. In the last Episode, Max and Chloe show each other their affection.

Decision 3B – Don’t Shoot

Frank will take the gun and Chloe will see Max as a coward. Frank will not let Max take a picture of him eating. He would also be easier to befriend, as he will not bring up the event of shootout again. In Episode 5, Chloe and Max share a friendly hug.

Decision 4A – Save Kate

In the last chapter of the Episode, you will make decisions which will affect the fate of Kate. You can save her by choosing either of ‘You matter, not just to me’, ‘You’re my friend’ or ‘I’m gathering proof’ dialogue options from the branching conversation with her. Alternatively, you can also choose ‘Be strong’ or ‘Your sisters’ option to save her on the rooftop.

As a result, both the principal and Warren praise Max and she has applauded on Facebook. Office Berry and Kate’s parents will also thank Max for her help. Max will be able to meet Kate in the hospital in Episode 4 and she will be there in the final scene of the game. In Episode 5, Max can observe the writing ‘I want to die’ inscribed on Kate’s desk in the classroom.

Decision 4B – Did not save Kate

The principal and officer Berry will console Max but her Facebook profile will have some mean comments. Max will become less confident about herself and will not go to the hospital. She will receive a call regarding Kate’s funeral and when she goes to the classroom, she will notice blood on Kate’s desk.

Max has the option to blame Jefferson for Kate’s death and Kate lingers long after her death, in the form of a spirit in Max’s dreams.

Decision 5A – Max suspended for blaming Nathan

In the final moments of this Episode, you will have to make your decision about who had a role in Kate’s suicide. The effects of this choice will be noticeable in the next Episodes. Choosing the ‘Nathan dosed her’ option will lead to your suspension. Nathan will ridicule and hold a grudge against Max while Dana and Chloe will be curious to know more about the whole deal. David will be involved in the Blackwell swimming pool scenario.

Decision 5B – Max suspended for blaming David

Choosing the ‘David bullied her’ option will also lead to Max’s suspension and the same turn of events occur with Nathan being mean to Max, and David play a role in the Blackwell swimming pool chase.

Decision 5C – No Action

Max will not be suspended and though David will still be part of the chase at the Blackwell pool, Nathan would not be cross with Max and will not make fun of her. Dana also will not be curious and let the things just be.

Within this choice, it also possible that David takes a vacation and does not get involved in the Blackwell swimming pool incident. This is possible if Max shows the picture of Chloe quarreling with David. Nathan will exhibit the same behavior of being a little happy with your choices.

Decision 5D – Nathan Suspended after Blame is put on Him

If Max will not admit to smoking pot and told the principal way back in Episode 1 about the gun Nathan brought to school or lied about it, Nathan will be suspended from school.

Nathan will be mean and aggressive towards Max and his jacket would lie in the Darkroom. David will still be involved in the Blackwell incident.

Decision 5E – Max Blames Jefferson

Choosing the ‘Jefferson made her cry’ option will lead to a page being opened to ask for support for Jefferson. Victoria will be aggressive to Max but Nathan will not.

Jefferson will miss his trip to San Francisco and would still not be caught because of principal’s alcohol addiction. David is involved in the Blackwell chase all the same.

Episode #3

Decision 1A – Steal the Money

In the early moments of this Episode, you will be treated to a choice of either stealing money from the headmaster’s office or not doing so. Choosing the former will lead to Chloe being happier, relaxed, and calm. She will also write to Frank that she has the money.

When you actually meet Frank, you can choose dialogue options to anger him and start a fight. This will be prevented however if you hand him the money. Either way, in Episode 5, the principal will appear in Max’s dreams and make her realize about her wrong decision to steal.

Decision 1B – Leave the Money

Deciding not to steal the money would make Chloe more aggressive and the fight with Frank becomes more likely. However, the principal in the nightmare will not mention the money even once.

Decision 2A – Make out with Chloe

This choice will improve Chloe’s mood and her relationship with Warren will never see the light of the day. In Episode 4 Chloe will receive a message from Warren who will haunt Max in her nightmares. There is one more kiss between Chloe and Max towards the end of the chapter.

Decision 2B – Don’t make out with Chloe

Opting not to kiss will not lead to a relationship between the two. Instead, they will just remain friends until the end of Episode 5. Warren’s message is still received though.

Decision 3A – Side with David

In the conversation that springs up between David, Chloe and you, Max must pick a side to continue. If she picks David’s side, both he and Joyce will be thankful to Max and David will not get evicted from the house.

On the other hand, Chloe will be a bit angry with Max. As a result, they will not share a kiss towards the end. Meanwhile, Max needs to know the code to the padlock in David’s garage or she will have to acquire the keys.

Decision 3B – Side with Chloe

Chloe will be thankful while David will be cross and ousted from his house. David’s padlock can be unlocked via the code or with the use of a crowbar. Max and Chloe share a kiss in the final moments of the game.

Decision 4A – Throw the Bone at the Road

In this decision which does not seem so significant, the dog’s fate changes considerably. You can choose to throw the bone towards the road or in the parking lot.

Choosing the former will lead to the dog being injured because of crashing into a car. Max feels guilty and Frank gets into a fight with a truck driver in Episode 4. The dog will not bite Chloe and will die untimely before the storm and Frank will miss it.

Decision 4B – Throw the Bone in the Parking Lot

Nothing happens to the dog and he will be present in the fight between Frank, his dog, Chloe, and Max. Frank and his dog can die if the door is not kept closed. If the dog lives, it can bite Chloe.

Decision 5A – Leave the Gun

In the last chapter of the game, you will be able to see a gun lying around in Frank’s RV. It is at this moment that you can choose to ignore the gun or hand it over to Chloe. If Max decides to leave the weapon, Frank will not die easily in Episode 4.

Moreover, he will not die if Max did not let Warren beat up Nathan. If Nathan was beaten then Chloe will take his gun. Later David’s gun is also acquired by Chloe.

Decision 5B – Give Gun to Chloe

You can choose to hand over the gun at the RV to Chloe. Not wounding the dog earlier in Decision 4, will mean Chloe can use this gun to kill both Frank and his dog in Episode 4. Otherwise, throwing the bone at the road and injuring the dog will later lead Chloe to shoot Frank in the leg but not kill him.

Episode 4

Decision 1 – Deciding the Fate of Chloe

During the first chapter of this Episode, you get a tough decision that involves whether Chloe will live or not. She asks you to make a choice of either killing her, refusing to do so or just remain confused and select the ‘I don’t know’ option.

These choices do not really matter that much since the game will continue all the same regardless of what choice you make here.

Decision 2A – Let Warren beat Nathan

In the second chapter, you will encounter a fight between Warren and Nathan. You can choose the ‘Stay out of it’ option.

This will lead to Warren beating the hell out of Nathan while Chloe will take Nathan’s gun and use it to either kill both Frank and his dog or just harm Frank on his leg depending on whether Max threw dog’s bone at the road or in the parking lot in Episode 3.

Decision 2B – Stop Warren

Chloe will not take Nathan’s gun and instead Nathan will threaten Warren, Chloe, and Max with the firearm. Frank cannot be killed later but can be shot on his leg. Furthermore, it may be possible for the dog to bite Chloe if she angers Frank and the dog was not injured in the first place.

Decision 3A – Kill Frank

In the third chapter, you get a choice that will carry over into the next Episode and possibly the ending for the game. This situation would revolve around Frank, his dog, Chloe, and Max. The worst outcome is when Frank and his dog die. This can be triggered by the dialogue option ‘. You already did’. As a result, Chloe goes to the police after finding of Rachel and Frank will not be present at the Two Whales Diner during the storm.

Decision 3B – Wounded Frank

During the conversation, you will need to select ‘Watch your mouth’ option. Chloe will later be angry that she wounded Frank and see would scout the locations told to her by Max. Later, Frank will be present at Two Whales Diner during the storm and his wound would be dressed. He will be particularly less friendly to Max.

Decision 3C – No one gets Hurt

Both Chloe and later Frank would be happy if no harm is done to any one of the three. Frank would still be present at the diner and Chloe will still check out the locations provided by Max. Chloe will also receive a message from Frank.

Decision 4A – Tell Victoria about the Dark Room

In the last chapter of the game, you will have the choice to either warn Victoria about Dark Room or ignore to do so. This will happen at the club. Choosing to warn her will allow both Max and Victoria to become good friends. However, within this dialogue option, Victoria can either believe what you are telling her or not.

If you comforted Victoria in Episode 1, she would believe you. This way, in the final moments of the game, she heads to the Dark Room and is murdered by Jefferson.

If you made fun of her in Episode 1, she will not believe you and thus she will not ever step her foot in the Dark Room. She will make it out safe and sound.

Decision 4B- Don’t Warn her about the Dark Room

This will lead to Victoria not admitting to having seen Nathan around. She can be either hostile or friendly depending on choices made in Episode 1. Victoria will not be taken by Jefferson to the Dark Room or get killed.

Episode 5
The only decision you make in the final moments of the game is also the most important one. It revolves around Chloe’s fate and will affect the ending directly. You need to choose a person or a place in this final choice. Sacrifice either Chloe or Sacrifice Arcadia Bay. Sacrificing one will save the other automatically.

So hold onto your tears, and prepare to make the final emotional choice to either save your friend or save the entire town but at the expense of Chloe’s life. Watch the final respective cutscene.

This is all we have in our Life is Strange Choices and Consequences Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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