Lies of P Weight Limits and Encumbrance Explained

Keep your equip load under check.

Like any other Souls-like, Lies of P also has a weight management system that players must keep in mind before going into combat. Every piece of equipment you wear has a specific weight value, and reaching different weight limit thresholds in Lies of P determines how you perform.

How does the weight system work in Lies of P

The amount of items you carry in your inventory does not impact your character’s encumbrance in Lies of P. Your character’s weight is strictly calculated through the items you have equipped. Since you can carry two weapons and amulets and four defense parts, each comes with its own specific weight value.

As you equip the items, their weights add up to the total weight. The encumbrance debuff in Lies of P applies once you reach specific weight values. Across all values, the amount of stamina consumed with each action also increases.

If your equip load in Lies of P is above 60%, then you’ll enter “Slightly Heavy” encumbrance where your movement, attack, and dodges are only partially slowed down.

If the weight is above 80%, then you’ll feel “Heavy,” and there is a noticeable change in your actions being slowed down. The screen will also shake every time you dodge.

If the weight is 100% or above, then you’ll enter “Very Heavy” mode. You have reached max encumbrance at 100% equip load in Lies of P. You will no longer be able to sprint, dodges are slow, and your attacks become sluggish.


How to increase weight limit in Lies of P

The first and easiest method to increase the weight limit in Lies of P is through the Level-up menu. Use your available Ergo to increase the Capacity in the stats. This allows you to increase your character’s weight limit and equip heavier items.

The second method to increase equip load capacity is an item – or, to be precise, an Amulet. Equipping the Carrier’s Amulet in Lies of P increases your weight limit by 15% for the base amulet and by 30% for the upgraded Carrier’s Amulet +1

You can find Carrier’s Amulet +1 in the Krat Central Station Trinity Sanctum after getting a Trinity key from the King of Riddles.

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