How to Get Elden Ring Leyndell Knight Armor Set

The Leyndell Knight Armor set can drop from Lyendell Knights so you will have to kill them repeatedly to get the complete set.

Leyndell Knight armor set is the armor of the large lightning knights in the Royal Capital Leyndell. It is one of the heavier armor sets in the game. For some, the metal plume in the top might seem silly, but it is one of the better armors you can get that can carry you to the end of the game.

This guide will help you how to get the Leyndell Knight armor set in Elden Ring.

Leyndell Knight armor set Location in Elden Ring

Leyndell Knight armor set is dropped piece by piece by the Leyndell Knight enemies in Elden Ring. You can fight these knights in Leyndell Royal Capital. Keep in mind that Leyndell Royal Capital will be filled with Leyndell Knights as long as you haven’t defeated Maliketh, the Black Blade. After you defeat Maliketh, you return to a version of the Royal Capital covered in ash and you don’t see many Leyndell Knights patrolling the area.

Leyndell Knights can be found in different parts of The Lands Between, but you can farm them quite easily in the Royal Capital so we recommend working for the armor set inside the capital.

Since the armor set is obtained as drops from the Leyndell Knights, s it is worth noticing that using consumables and items that increase your item discovery chances. Using the Silver Pickled Fowl Foot or the Golden Scarab talisman. These items will increase your chances of finding loot drops from every enemy you defeat, and this includes Leyndell Knight armor set pieces.

Leyndell Knight Armor Set Stats, Is it Any Good?

As a heavy armor, Leyndell Knight Armor set provides superb defense for all attack types. Leyndell Knight armor set weighs 28.1, which is pretty good for such an armor with high defensive stats.

Leyndell Knight armor set offers 26.5 physical defense overall. You get 24.6 defense from strike attacks and 26.5 defense from slash attacks and pierce attacks.

As for defense against other attack types, the Leyndell Knight armor set offers 20.4 defense against Magic-based attacks, 22.6 defense against Fire-based attacks, 21.5 defense against Lightning based attacks, and 21.1 defense against Holy attacks. Your immunity to status ailments is also increased by 88 with the Leyndell Knight armor set. Generally speaking, these values are good, considering Leyndell Knight armor set also features great physical defense.

The Robustness of Leyndell Knight armor set is 133, and the Vitality offered when equipped is 57. The armor offers modest poise, 52 and 57 Focus as well.

Leyndell Knight armor set is a well-rounded armor set, and the complete set can be enough for continuing through to the end of the game.

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