How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Let’s Go

his guide will help you with leveling up fast in Pokemon Let's Go will guide you on how to earn bous experience points in the game.

This guide will help you with leveling up fast in Pokemon Let’s Go. In previous Pokemon games, defeating trainers would reward you with significant experience points for you to level up.

But, with Pokemon Let’s Go that is no longer the case. Defeating a trainer will give you experience points but they won’t be enough. Here are a couple of ways in which you can earn bonus experience points and level up fast in the game.

Bonus Experience Points
Players earn experience points through various activities in the game. However, you can boost the experience points with bonus multiplier to level up fast.

The Higher the CP and Pokemon level the more the experience you will earn. You can ear Bonus experience points by capturing a Pokemon is first try. Also, you can get bonus XP through your throw. If the Throw is Excellent then you will receive bonus Experience multiplayer.

Pokemon With Aura
What will really help you level up fast, is capturing specific Pokemon. To be exact, Pokemon with Auras. Some Pokemon that you will encounter will have a red or blue light/aura around them. The aura represents a Pokemon with a special constitution, however, it can be huge or small and varies from Pokemon to Pokemon.

Huge Pokemon will give a significant Experience Boost. The bigger the Pokemon itself the higher the experience points you will get and the faster you will level up.

Also, you can make the special versions of Pokemon to spawn more frequently for higher experience point gain. Players can use Lure or Super Lure and can get a very high Catch Combo. Combine these techniques in places where rare Pokemon spawn, it will be very effective in Pokemon Let’s Go.

This wraps up our Pokemon Let’s Go guide with tips on how to level up fast.

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