Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga All Ahch-To Side Missions Guide

Ahch-To is a temple island in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, that can be unlocked near the end of your playthrough of The Force Awakens and offers a lot of side missions. Rey stumbles upon this island packed with loads of exciting rewards and collectibles like Kyber Bricks in his quest to find Luke Skywalker.

The main appeal of this island is the chance to unlock two additional characters; however, the lore provided may also appeal to some. This island is also home to some cute porgs.

The following guide will help you complete all Ahch-To side missions and unlock new characters.

How To Complete All Ahch-To Side Missions in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Ahch-To has the following Side Missions to complete:

Porg Preservation Society

Unlock Requirements:

To unlock this level, you must complete the Starkiller Destruction level, which is available in Episode 7, The Force Awakens.

This side mission is accessible as soon as you reach the Ahch-To island and can be initiated by advancing towards the south-western side of the island and speaking with Porg Keeper by the shoreline. To comprehend their language, it is probably best to change into a Protocol Droid like C-3P0.

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga All Ahch-To Side Missions Guide

The rising fear of the Porg population from outsiders entering the island concerns the Porg Keeper. His strategy to tackle this is to collect their feathers and use their scent to lure them out.

The feathers can be found in the 3 specified areas on the map. You should change to a Jedi character to use their double jump ability.

Move towards the sounds of the Porgs and collect the feathers. Then return to the Keeper for your next assignment.

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga All Ahch-To Side Missions Guide

Your next task will be to escort 5 Porges back to the Keeper. Your mission markers will indicate the position of Porges.

They will be located in the ice tavern, the shore at the caretaker village, in front of Jedi Village, in the building at the center of the island, and at the shore on the North of the island.

Multiple Porges can follow you, so there is no need to make multiple trips. Follow the main routes as Porges can get stuck in certain areas.

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga All Ahch-To Side Missions Guide

Upon completing the task, you’ll be rewarded by unlocking Alcida-Auka, a new playable character.

Character Requirements:

Protocol Droid and Scavenger.


New playable character Alcida-Auka

Wheelbarrow Woes

Unlock Requirements:

You must complete the Lanai Luau puzzle found at the Ahch-To Temple Island to unlock this level.

This is the second side mission at Ahch-To island; however, to access it, you must first travel to the planet Mustafar. This is where Obi-Wan and Anakin faced off at the climax of Episode III.

Upon completion of Revenge of the Sith, travel back to Ahch-To and move towards the caretaker village to talk to the Wheelbarrow Maker. You’ll be asked to find Obsidian from somewhere.

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga All Ahch-To Side Missions Guide

You must go to Mos Espa on Tatooine and get info regarding the location of Obsidian.

You must talk to the person in front of the Cantina. You’ll be able to extract the Obsidian from the mines now, so go there and follow your Minimap to find the 4 obsidian reserves.

One reserve is located on the left side of the operations generator. The bright orange color of Obsidian will be easily visible in the dark.

You can find the second reserve along the same main path following the left wall and will be seen alongside several nets draping from the wall.

The third reserve can be found on the right-sided non-Lego wall at the toxic gas extraction antenna.

The final reserve is found by climbing the left stairs to get to the roof of the mines. The reserve will be right in front of you.

Character Requirements:

Protocol Droid


New playable character Praetorian Guard Seventh Guard.

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