Leaked Playstation 4 Neo Document Reveals Specs and a Lot of Other Info

A leaked Playstation 4 Neo document has appeared on the web, showing the console's graphical qualities and release date, along with how its games will be.

A leaked Playstation 4 Neo document has just appeared on the internet, which may very well tell us everything we need to know about the console. The Playstation 4 Neo is supposed to be a 4K upgrade of the Playstation 4, and promises increased graphical resolution while still being able to play older Playstation 4 games.

Among other things that the leaked Playstation 4 Neo document talks about include that the console will be co-existing with the Playstation 4, and every game past October 2016 will be releasing for both the Playstation 4 Neo and the regular Playstation 4. If the Playstation 4 Neo actually intends to release in October, the leaked document has just revealed when it will release.

From there, the leaked Playstation 4 Neo document gets into the various technical specifications for the console. The PS4 Neo’s CPU includes 8 Jaguar cores at 3.1 gigahertz, which makes it 1.3 times faster. Its GPU includes an improved version of AMD GCN CUs, which uses more CUs at a higher frequency. These give the Playstation 4 Neo 2.3 flops of power edge over the original machine. Its increased memory also gives it 218 gigabytes, rather than the original PS4’s 176GB memory bandwidth.

But while the leaked Playstation 4 Neo document talks a lot about the console’s various technical specifications, Playstation still has the specs of the Xbox One Scorpio to deal with, particularly its 6 teraflops of processing power. These will help with graphical fidelity and will make games on the Scorpio much better-looking.

This processing power means that the Xbox One Scorpio can go toe-to-toe with the best graphics cards on the market right now, including the NVidia GeForce GTX 1070. The console is also capable of playing virtual reality games at 4K resolution in 60 hertz, which is the best kind of format for 4K TVs.

Which of the consoles turns out to be better will have to be put up to the feelings of its own players and whatever tech gurus want to compare and contrast the two, but we still have October and 2017 to look forward to in those cases.

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