League of Legends World Championship Finals Venue Sold Out

League of Legends World Championship Finals are being attended by over 40,000 people and the Seoul World Cup Stadium has been sold out!

League of Legends is the largest MOBA for most of the territories, which makes the LoL World Championship Finals for 2014 an event that every eSports fan is going to be dying to witness.

The total capacity of the venue, Seoul World Cup Stadium though is limited which according to the latest reports, have been filled out. We have picked up word that all the seats have been sold out for the final that kicks off on Sunday morning.

However, there still is a question that the investigative journalist in me begs to question. The total capacity of Seoul World Cup Stadium is 66,806, but for the LoL World Championship Finals it is being said that the capacity is going to be around 45,000 people.

I guess the stage and other event props can really take that much of the area.

In parallel news, ESPN has finally started to give in to the popularity of eSports events against their traditional take on eSports not being real sports. They did so by announcing to broadcast the finals on ESPN3 – being the second eSports event they would air after The International 2014.

Even last year, the LOL World Championship Finals had been held to a jam packed crowd and this time it is going to be even more exciting.

You better be at the venue, or on the livestream, or ESPN3 at 11:45AM on Sunday October 19. The finals are being held between Samsung White and Star Horn Royal Club who got here by beating Samsung Blue and OMG respectively.

Which team are you supporting in the LoL World Championship Finals 2014?

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