League of Legends Snowdown Skins for Jinx, Poppy, and Draven Look Mighty Cheerful

Snowdown is just around the corner for League of Legends, promising yet another seasonal event packed with festivities and beautiful gifts under the tree.

Riot Games has revealed three new skins for the special occasion and they are all themed around Christmas. In comparison, we have seen several snow and winter themed skins in the past. The offerings for this year, though, are equally impressive.

The first is Ambitious Elf Jinx who is armed with a bazooka that fires gifts and a toy train that functions as a gatling gun. There is also Snow Fawn Poppy, dressed in an adorable outfit and wielding a mighty bell hammer. Santa Draven is the third and final skin, chucking icy axes with a festive beard.

This will be the fifth skin for Jinx and seventh for both Poppy and Draven. All three will be priced at 1350 RP each and are currently available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for testing. They are scheduled to release with Patch 7.24 early next month.

Riot Games will likely reveal more Snowdown content in the coming weeks. The new login theme can be seen below, while we are still awaiting the eventual announcement for exclusive Hextech Chests for crafting during the event.

Last year, League of Legends received a new game mode called Legend of the Poro King. In addition, the Winter Summoner’s Rift returned for the community after a hiatus of five years. Santa Braum, Snow Day Graves, and Winter Wonder Karma were the new skins then. The Legacy Vault was opened up for past skins, and players could access mystery gifts.

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