League of Legends Honor Levels Will Be Reset Next Season, Checkpoints Revealed

The new League of Legends Honor system was an integral addition from Riot Games earlier this year to incentivize good behavior in the community. Having received critical feedback in the past months, the developer is now looking forward to bring in a few changes for further improvements.

Posting on the official forums earlier today, player behavior designer “NeuroCat” announced three new checkpoints between each level to help players know how close they are to unlocking rewards. Hitting each checkpoint will grant an Honor Orb that contains loot like champion shards, key fragments, and Blue Essence. These orbs will continue to unlock even after reaching the maximum Honor cap of level 5.

The League of Legends Honor system will also undergo a complete reset when the new season begins next year. Those who achieved level 3 and above in the last season will be placed between levels 2 and 3 as follows:

  • Level 5 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 3
  • Level 4 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 2
  • Level 3 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 1
  • Level 2 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 0
  • Level 0 & 1 -> stay at current level

Everything else will function like before. Riot Games has promised to keep improving the Honor system with time. Perhaps we will get to hear about new features when the new season officially commences in late January.

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