Layers of Fear 2 Endings Guide – Choices, Flame, Forever, and Formless Endings

Layers of Fear 2 Endings Guide will help you learn about all the different choices to unlock Flame, Forever, and Formless endings in the game.

In the peculiar horror game, Layers of Fear 2, you will deal with choosing between two alternatives and facing the consequences that follow. The ending in Layers of Fear 2 you get depends on the choices you make in the game.

There are three possible endings for Layers of Fear 2 i.e. Flame, Forever, and Formless. You do not have to replay the entire game to get additional endings. You can just replay individual chapters and alter your choices to get the ending you want to see.

Layers of Fear 2 Endings

At this point, we cannot really say if there is a “best” ending, but some endings are certainly better than the others. A good thing about this game is that there are a lot of mysteries to uncover and getting all the three endings will not do that. A lot of extra stuff has to be slowly unlocked to unravel the chilling story of this game.

In this Endings Guide, I will explain how to get each of the endings in Layers of Fear 2. All three endings i.e. Flame, Forever, and Formless are connected to a specific scene in the first four chapters of the game.

Your choices in these specific scenes from chapters 1-4 will determine what ending you will get at the end of the game.

There will be two choices you can choose from at each key scene. It might not seem like you are making a choice but you are. Each choice you make will either obey or disobey the director and different combinations of those choices will determine your fate.



Key Scene #1 – Chapter #1
You will have to choose which mannequin to shoot.

  • Obey: Shoot the one on the right.
  • Disobey: Shoot the one on the left.

Key Scene #2 – Chapter #2
You will have to decide whether you want to attack the dog or not.

  • Obey: Choose “Take” it every time.
  • Disobey: Choose “Give Up” every time.

Key Scene #3 – Chapter #3
Kid walking on the plank.

  • Obey: Shoot the kid.
  • Disobey: Shoot the puppets on the left and right.

Key Scene #4 – Chapter #4
Fire in the flooded hallway.

  • Obey: Turn around and run back into the fire.
  • Disobey: Run against the flow of water towards the end of the hallway.


Here is the combination of choices to get each ending. Do note that choices in Chapters #1 and #2 are the most important so the choices you make in these chapters will determine your fate.

Flame Ending
To get this ending, you have to obey the director in every choice you make.

Forever Ending
You have to disobey the director every time to get this ending.

Formless Ending
Alternatively disobey and obey the director in all the key scenes to get this fate. Descend into madness!

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