LA Noire Landmarks Location Guide

Find locations of all 30 landmarks in LA Noire across the city of LA to earn intuition points and unlock Star Map achievement/trophy.

There are 30 Landmarks to discover in LA Noire. Discovering each landmark will earn the player an intuition point and if a player sees all the landmarks in-game, he will earn Star Map achievement/trophy. This LA Noire Landmarks Locations guide will help you find them all and earn the achievement/trophy.

LA Noire Landmarks Locations

Each of the landmark that has been featured in L.A. Noire with a brief location of where you can find it in the game.

Noire Landmark #1. Crossroads of the World
Location. An outdoor shopping mall located in heart of Hollywood section of L.A. Noire.

Noire Landmark #2. Egyptian Theatre
Location. Follow Hollywood Boulevard to the west. You will find it right between Orchid and Orange.

Landmark #3. La Brea Tar Pits
Location. The La Brea Tar Pits are located at 5801 Wilshire Blvd. in the Wilshire District.

Landmark #4. Los Angeles Public Library
Location. Los Angeles Public Library is located at 630 W. 5th St. in Downtown, Los Angeles between flower and Grand.

Landmark #5. Musso & Frank Grill
Location. Musso & Frank Grill is located at 6667 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Go north from the Crossroads of the World and make a right onto the Hollywood Boulevard to find Musso & Frank Grill.

Landmark #6. Pershing Square
Location. Pershing Square is located at 532 S. Olive St. Go two blocks southeast of the library, you will come across a little park with a public fountain.

Landmark #7. Roosevelt Hotel
Location. The Roosevelt Hotel is located at 7000 Hollywood Blvd.

Landmark #8. The set of “Intolerance”
Location. The set of “Intolerance” is located at 4473 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. You will come across it in the 3rd Traffic case.

Landmark #9. Union Station
Location. Union Station is located in the northeast corner of Downtown, Los Angeles.

Landmark #10. R.K.O Theatre
Location. RKO Theatre is located on the corner of 8th and Hill st. It is two blocks southwest of Pershing Square.

Landmark #11. Angels Flight
Location. Angels Flight is located on the corner of 3rd st. and Hill st. Two blocks southwest of the Central police station.

Landmark #12. Grauman’s Chinese Theater
Location. It is located in the Hollywood District on Hollywood Blvd. between Orchid Ave. and Orange Dr.

Landmark #13. Max Factor Building
Location. From Musso & Franks, follow Hollywood Boulevard to the west, turn left on Highland. It will be to your left from here.

Landmark #14. Brown Derby
Location. In the eastern section of the Hollywood, in south of Hollywood and Vine, on the eastern side of the street, a building with brown hat logo over it.

Landmark #15. Bullocks Wilshire
Location. From Museum go north on hoover and then head left to register Bullocks Wilshire.

Landmark #16. L.A County Art Museum
Location. L.A. County Art Museum is just two blocks off the Tar Pits, hard to miss.

Landmark #17. MacArthur Park
Location. West end of the central LA, a big distinctive square.

Landmark #18. Park Plaza
Location. Turn right on the park view as you exit the MacArthur Park and you will find Park Plaza.

Landmark #19. The Good Samaritan Hospital
Location. Go north of the Mayfair, sound of the 6th street and after like two blocks, you will find The Good Samaritan Hospital.

Landmark #20. The Mayfair Hotel
Location. The Mayfair hotel is located just east of 7th Street and Columbia Avenue.

Landmark #21. Christ Crown of Thorns
Location. Go southwest of the Intolerance set, you’ll find this abandoned church. If you aren’t in hurry, the story will take you there eventually.

Landmark #22. Los Angeles Examiner
Location. Central LA near the southwestern corner, a long red roofed building at 11th and Broadway.

Landmark #23. Main Street Terminal
Location. Look for it at 6th and Los Angeles, it’s a huge building.

Landmark #24. The Bradbury Building
Location. The Bradbury Building at the intersect of Broadway with 3rd Street.

Landmark #25. Hall of Records
Location. The Los Angeles County Hall of Records is located west of the City Hall, North on Broadway from 1st St.

Landmark #26. L.A Cold Storage
Location. From Chinatown, go to Alameda and from there take south route. Just when you pass the 3rd street, you will come across a massive Cold Storage building.

Landmark #27. National Biscuit Factory
Location. Take left from the west of 6th street to land on Mateo Street. From there head south, keep going and you will come across National Biscuit Factory just south of the industrial street.

Landmark #28. 6th Street Viaduct
Location. Go south after crossing the 4th Street Bridge and turn right to the Whittlier Boulevard. Landmark should register once you are halfway to the bridge.

Landmark #29. 4th Street Bridge
Location. From Cold Storage, go north to Alameda and take 4th Street. Head across the bridge to register this trademark.

Landmark #30. Chinatown
Location. Go towards North end of the central Broadway, keep going and you will eventually reach the gates of China Town.

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