Konami Isn’t Leaving Metal Gear Behind, Already Hiring New Development Staff

Over the past few days, rumors started to circulate that Metal Gear publisher Konami won’t be making any AAA games from now on, expect for PES. This came after a report saying that Fox Engine developer Julien Merceron has left the company.

This left fans highly disappointed as Metal Gear Solid V left more questions about the saga, rather than providing closure, so Konami leaving Metal Gear behind came as a shock.

However, it looks like this isn’t the case. According to a Konami rep, they are still making AAA games like PES, Metal Gear, Castlevania and more.

We also visited the official website of Konami, where we came across a listing asking developers to apply for the next Metal Gear game.

Meanwhile, Kojima is leaving Konami so this listing shows that Metal Gear will continue with or without the legendary developer. This is inline with Konami’s previous statement saying that they will keep working on the franchise.

Konami is shifting its focus to mobile games and pachinko machines, but if they are hiring for the next Metal Gear, this puts the rumors of no high-end games from Konami to rest.

I guess fans of Metal Gear should now look for answers in Metal Gear Solid 6, whenever that comes out.

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