Konami is Ashamed to Tell Investors About Metal Gear Survive’s Poor Performance

We doubt anyone thought Metal Gear Survive is going to be a success but it failed even more than we anticipated. It apparently did so bad in the market that Konami didn’t mention its sales in the company’s recent financial report.

Financial reports are a way to boost investor’s trust by sharing the company achievements, showing how well their ventures are doing. However, to no one’s surprise, Metal Gear Survive is not among Konami’s list of achievements. The game was a commercial and a critical failure. The title has a 60 Metacritic score, probably the worse for a property linked to Metal Gear.

If we look at the stats from Steam Chartz, the game’s beta had more all-time peak players compared to the full release. Metal Gear Survive had 7,871 all-time high player count but after its release, it peaked at little over 5,000 players.

That alone shows how bad the game did but it would be interesting to learn just how many copies this game sold. Unfortunately, Konami isn’t ready to reveal any stats related to this game.

Konami isn’t the only one that tried hide the failure of its product, Activision did something similar with Destiny 2. Revealing its latest financials, the company showed its major achievements including Overwatch, Call of Duty, and more. However, Destiny 2 wasn’t featured in the list of achievements.

Both of these games are prime examples of consumer power and how we together we can push back corporate greed.

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