Koei-Tecmo Interested In Making Mario And Star Wars Musou Games

Koei-Tecmo is apparently interested in making Mario and Star Wars musou games, if they ever get the chance to.

Koei-Tecmo president Hisashi Koinuma has said that the company is interested in making Mario and Star Wars musou games, if they’re ever allowed to. The company is famous for the genre, including its Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games. They’ve also made other third-party musou games in the past.

Musou is a Japanese game genre where players take on the role of powerful characters in large-scale battles, cutting through hundreds of enemies a mission as they take forts around a map. Dynasty Warriors, the best-known example, is one of Koei-Tecmo’s most popular series.

Third-party musou games for Mario and Star Wars aren’t that unlikely; Koei-Tecmo has developed three different musou games focused on Nintendo properties already, in the form of Fire Emblem: Warriors and the two Hyrule Warriors games, the original and Age of Calamity.

However, even if the company would like to do musou games for those properties, they haven’t had the opportunity yet. Hopefully, however, it can still happen. Mario and Star Wars musou games aren’t outlandish at all; Mario was in a very successful turned-based tactical strategy game in Mario Kingdom Battle, after all.

Star Wars is a similar thing, as a game set during the Clone Wars could do well as a musou game with a wide variety of Jedi characters trashing huge numbers of battle droids. There have been weirder crossovers as well; there was also a Dynasty Warriors Gundam game that came out in 2007.

But ultimately, whether or not such games come to fruition is up to Nintendo and Disney, since they own the rights to Mario and Star Wars, respectively. And while Nintendo has had good experiences with taking their old franchises in new directions, with Star Wars’s license under EA exclusivity for the time being, it’ll be a while before we might even think about seeing Mario and Star Wars musou games.

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